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MC Slack Mouth, a Comedian with Performance Accolade

By Sylvia Nwokoro

MC Slack Mouth, an entertainer whose act is designed to make the audience giggle…  Slack Mouth does not rest on his roars by causing laughter alone, he garnishes his act with beautiful ladies trained in the act of stage craft appealing to his audience.

Chukwunonso Okenwa who goes by the stage name MC Slack is an extraction of Ogbunike, Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State.

Chukwunonso has been around the jester showbizness close to fifteen years.

He has different set of dancers, some are undergraduates who performs with him as the show demands.

Every Sunday he performs at House U Hotel MM, Paco bus stop in Agege area of Lagos State, and also handles LaSylva stage, every Saturday.

For him, marriage is top of his preference scale. However, Sylvia Nwokoro of Creekvibes news magazine cornered him at Akowonjo and made him to tackle few questions for readers pleasure.


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Happily married?

I knows little about marriage and I am not ready to go into one now, I pray for God to direct my steps when it gets to that. I am not married.

How do you get your girls?

I post online and they come for audition and I pick the best.

What age range do you watch out for in your dancers?

To be on my show, you must be Eighteen and above

Are they students?

Some of them are graduates while others are undergraduates

Are your parents please with your current occupation?

At first they were not happy about it, but as time ticks they saw that I was not ready to relent in my quest so, they let go

How profiting is the business?

I have not got the desired show that will fill me up financially, but it’s been so good.

Where do you want to see yourself in five years?

To be one of the best comedian in Nigeria

How did you come about slack mouth?

While I was in school, one of my teachers referred to me as ‘You and your slackmouth’ and all my classmate started calling me slackmouth, laughs that was how the name slackmouth sticks till date.

Educational background?

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I attended Command Secondary School, Signal Barrack, Mile 2, Lagos. I have a diploma from LASU.

Will you advice your child to be a dancer?

It takes a lot of observations to really know what a child is wired to do, but if I notice traces of dance in my child after education he/she will be allowed to tailor along that career with my acquired skills I will ensure he/she comes out to be the best, as a dance instructor I co-ordinate my dancers.

Have you ever been embarrassed on stage?

Severally but it all depends on the event you find yourself, if the audience are already drunk and only want to hear music and you come to talk they will boo you out of the stage.

So in such scenario what will you do?

As a professional, I quickly adjust to what they want.