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Nwanyi Onitsha: The Day I almost Fell Into The River

…set to launch her second movie
Urena Juliet
Ejike Collins
Ikechukwu Nweke others

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Nkechi Winifred Nweje, who goes by the stage name, Nwanyi Onitsha is a Nigerian, Nollywood producer and a actress who is known for her motherly roles in Nigerian movie sector. She hails from Onitsha, Onitsha North Local Government Area of Anambra State. Apparently in her early 50s, happily married to Dr Nweje, a union which has produced four beautiful ladies, crowned with a son.

The name Nwanyi Onitsha became her stage name when she played a lead role in ‘Nwanyi Onisha’ movie.
The first son, her first beautiful daughters, Adaora Nweje got married last year, her sister is Ponkeey, followed by Oma, a trained accountant who is her third child.

Nweje Kene (Kenechukwu) is her last daughter
Nkechi Nweje has featured in the following movies, Kuvuka, Wiles, Dirty Blood, Warrior Maiden, Ojike, Shattered Hope, Disunion, Bloody Throne, 3 Wise Ladies, The Black Sea, Strength Of Love, Calabar Stew, Ezeugo The Warrior, The Darkness, The Female Conductor, Ugomma, The Title, House Enemy, and a couple of others.
Creekvibes Oluwadamilare Daniels reels to your reading pleasure excerpt from a recent interview with Nwanyi Onitsha who was on location but took time off her very tight schedule to field questions from Creekvibes. Enjoy.

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Before you came into acting what were you doing?
I was actually running a boutique in Pacific Complex, Akwa Road, usually, I travel to US and Dubai to buy quality wears for my boutique.

Do you still run the boutique up to date?

My acting career is so demanding, so I shut it down.

Educational background?
I went to a private primary school in Lagos, around Surulere axis then proceeded to Ihinoma Girls Secondary School Orlu, and for OND and HND, I went to Oko Poly where I did Banking and Finance (Financial Study), OND and HND respectively.

Where did you serve?
In Onitsha.

When did you get married?
I got married in 1990.
Can you share with us some happenstances while in the high school?

I was a member of our Drama club, each time I go on set, I will be casted to play a motherly role, so for me acting like a mother started long ago.
While in Ihinoma Girls Secondary School Orlu, hostel, we went out to fetch water from the river, the environment was hilly so I fell almost getting into the river so few villages came to my rescue, while they carried me, my eyes were closed and I was crying on top of my voice.

So did you now get water for that day?
Friends had to pour little, little water into bucket so I still took water back to the hostel.
Our house mistress then was kind of harsh perhaps because I came from Lagos, when she saw that my bucket was not filled she asked me to pour the water on the ground and instructed me to sleep on it, I cried throughout that day. Although she was chastise later, but it wasn’t a funny experience.

After holiday I told my parents I wasn’t going to resume in that school, but they persuaded me and I later went.
Those were the days that discipline was still in the school not now.

How many Nigerian languages can you speak?

I am not too good with languages, little Yoruba, my native language, Igbo and English.

How many years have you put in, in the acting scene?

Since 2011, approximately eleven active years.

Have you got awards?
Have been nominated on several occasion but, I have not got.

Can you mention three actors or actresses that your pairing produces maximum output?
Ebere Okaro, Patience Ozokwo
Before I came into the movie industry I have always love how Patience Ozokwo handles her role.
We heard she is now a pastor.
She is fully back into the movie industry, you see once you are a actress, it will be difficult for you to leave the scene.

As an actress are you also looking into producing your own movie?
I am working acidulously on my second job now.

What is the name?
We can’t divulge such information now, off record.

Which was your first movie?

Royal Movie.

The about to be launched movie, who should we watch out for?
Starring Urena Juliet, Ejike Collins, Ikechukwu Nweke and others.

Nwanyi and hubby, Dr Nweje

Role model?
Patience Ozokwo.

Have you experienced been called on the streets by fans who might have watched your movie?
A million times.

How did you handle it?
Many at time I forgot that I am a star actress; I will just be my normal self on the street or market but will be jolted back to the fact that I am an actress by people pointing at me asking if I am actually the Nwanyi Onitsha?
Usually I act like a mother with make ups to make me look old, but on the street a young me so, fans usually pounder, until the day I used my voice before they were convinced I was the one.

Who is your favourite music artist?

Somehow, I like Davido because of what he is doing with Chioma and I also like Techno.

Your favourite soup?
I am a African woman to the core, so I like eating native soups, like: Ofe Onugbo, I intend to open my kitchen someday.

Do you mean you have plan of opening a restaurant someday?
I may end up there because I love cooking.

You are blessed with five children, does any of them have tendency of going into acting?
They’ve got no flare for it.