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Chops_Rite Boss: I would have become a gynecologist but fate made…

Alade Olayinka an entrepreneur who graduated from LEADS University Ibadan (Business Management), in 2014, amiable and naturally endowered daughter of Mr and Mrs Alade, is an extraction of Ondo State, South-West Nigeria, it might interest you to know that she did her master in UNILAG (Business Administration).

Earlier she attended Caleb International School, Ketu and later Topmost International School at Maryland.

As a growing child she had always loved being around her aunt in the cooking room which developed her love for preparation of sumptuous meal which manifested in her and attracted Creekvibes news magazine to Chops_Rite, a catering outfit with style.

In this interview she talked about her sojourn in the cooking business; expectations and focus.

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Where did you learn your catering skills?

As a growing child I had always had flare for cooking but sometime in 2017, I had a turning point. While I was busy job hunting, I came across a banner that has to do with vocational training related to catering job, while I watch closely, I saw young trainable girls with white apron and white caps so, I move closer and saw them making small chops, so I went to the boss and asked her if I could join them, she obliged.

They had started 2 days earlier but left with 3 more days to go, as a smart lady I mingled, she taught us how to bake; make snacks and other packages.

Who are your targeted clients?

Everybody is my clients as far as you can pay; I will be pleased to work with you.

How much do you charge for 200 guests?

It depends, if it is on the mainland close to my location, I could charge 500 per plate, but if it were on the Island it differs.

What if someone is taking you out of Lagos?

That is a different ball game, extra charges had to be added to my charges, but the client will take care of my hotel accommodation bill.

Do you have plans to run a restaurant maybe later?

Not at the moment, but maybe in the future.

How was growing up like?

It was strict, I grew up under the care of my aunt because, my mum is a civil servant and many times she is always out of Lagos. I learnt my morals from my aunt.

How many Nigerian languages can you speak?

General laughter, I can speak Yoruba fluently and a bit of Igbo language.

Have you had any embarrassing moment?

Laughs… Yes! It was when I was looking for job, though I got the advert online, so I went on this embarrassing job hunting trip, while waiting for hours a man just walked straight up to me and said; ‘Are are you sure you can carry a gun like this?”


I was so embarrassed, I was like, am I here to carry a gun?
So, I said; ‘excuse me? I am a graduate and the position am vying for has nothing to do with carrying gun. So at the end of it all I was demoralized and couldn’t get the job.

Dazzling 14th

Have you got any other?

Yeah, in the cause of my catering job, usually when we go out we always wear crested T-Shirt of which I wasn’t left out.

One of the clients came and started shouting at me; ‘Where is your boss here!, you people are so slow!, is this how you will serve everyone in the hall! I was like; don’t be offended the boss will soon be here.

He continued; you mean your boss did not follow you here!? Yelling at everyone, all my crew members were like don’t worry sir, we’ll do your heart desire, even when they were angry.

Happily married with kids?
No, not at the moment.

As a growing child what was your ambition?

Laughs, this country will calm your ambition down, don’t let us go there, as a growing child my ambition was to become a gynecologist tending to people.

While in the high school I wasn’t doing well with Physics so my mum asked me to port; that was what led me to Business Management at LEADS University.

How many of you in the family?

Four, I have 3 other young ones.

What will you want people to know about you?
Olayinka, is an amazing young lady, an entrepreneur and a hard working lady.

Messages for youths?

Youths should know that anything they desire is possible they should just be best at whatever they do, don’t let anyone push you around, let consistency be your watch word, don’t say it is too small, remember little drops of water form a mighty ocean.