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My Trust Fund Initiative is to assist Actors/Actresses in Need-Emeka Rollas, President Actors Guild of Nigeria

Emeka Rollars

Emeka Rollas was born in the South eastern part of Nigeria. He attended Federal Polytechnic Oko, Anambra State, where he read Mass communication. He is married to Ngozi Ugbonta Rollas a union which has produced beautiful children.

He started his acting career since 1997, while he was in school he organised talent shows and drama. His professionalism began when a friend introduced him to acting, now his experience in the movie industry span across 20 years.

His earlier movies were “Hilda”, and “The Mighty Woman”. He has featured in over 70 movies.

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Currently, Emeka Rollas is the President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, he is regarded as the most peaceful actor in the Nigeria Movie Industry.

Under the leadership of Emeka Rollas, AGN launched a foundation, which serves as a platform to unite actors and actresses in Nigeria. The foundation sets to take care of the needs of veterans and celebrities in the movie industry, and also reaches out to the less privileged in Nigeria as part of the foundation’s Corporate Social responsibility

Award winning president of Actors Guild of Nigeria, Emeka Rollas does not agree with the research that his Net worth was estimated to $1 million, in this interview with Oludaniels of your ever scintilating Creekvibes news magazine.

•Gov Godwin Obaseki and Emeka Rollas


What are the criteria of joining the AGN?

It’s a mobile app away, including every other services, there is online customer care that gives further information.

What have you contributed to the AGN since you came on board in 2017?

I don’t blow my trumpet but, before I became president by appointment. The guild has always been in and out of crisis, you must also know that in the last seven years before 2017 the guild was in a mess concerning leadership and they tore the guild into fractions.

It was when we came to power 27th August, 2017 that we began to stir the ship, we calm all failed nerves and today I can beat my chest that there is no fraction in the Actors Guild of Nigeria, to me that singular act of bringing peace into the guild is too much of commitment to bring to the table.

So, every other thing I am doing right now, I do not see them as a big deal that is worth blowing my trumpet, because they are necessary things that actors suppose to have had over time, so if I am giving them what they deserve, I shouldn’t blow my trumpet.

When I will want to blow my trumpet is when I have been able to achieve my vision for the guild.

Principally in this few period of my leadership, I and my crew have been able to bring on board a kind of welfare to actors/actresses, we launched the AGN HMO Trust Fund, which Aunty Joke Sylva is the chairman of the trust fund.

It might also surprise you to know that, few weeks ago I launched an internal campaign to cater for members who are critically ill and in need of urgent medical intervention.

Meaningful Nigerians responded to that clarion call and in few days, we were able to raise N5m and as I speak with you we’ve been able to disbursed N2m to actors who are sick in some places in the country, before now there has never been a gathering where actors will meet to contribute money for themselves, It happened in my tenure.

People like Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola Ekehinde, Richard Mofe Damijo, Kenneth Okonkwo and a couple of others saw that this cause was important and they all donated their widows might to the trust fund, we approached governmental agencies, multi-national companies including people who have deep pockets to support the call.

Do you have any political ambition?

For now, none except my community decided to call me.

Do you agree with the research that revealed that your net worth is estimated to be $1 million?

I don’t know about the research, is it online, google or something?

Tell us the uncommon part of you that people don’t know?

Laugher, I don’t know how to answer this question, I am always known for very uncommon things.

Most of the stunts I do people don’t know how I come about them, I am a private person and most people don’t know that, usually I enjoy being alone in my room sometimes with my kids, about three of my kids are fond of me when I stay alone, but the grown-ups are not.

Which actor/actress will make your list of four best actresses in Nollywood, going by the recent films you’ve watch.

I won’t be biased, it will all be categorised if I had watched their films.

From the recent films you’ve watched?

Well from the recent films I’ve watched I will go for:

(1) Mercy Johnson

(2) Yul Odochie

(3) Destiny Etiko

(4) Baba Rex Nosa.

Have you had any embarrassing moment?

Not at all.

Can you tell us some of the pranks you played as a growing child?

Can I really remember? Some of the pranks I played, was to use cry to get attention.

Does that reflect in any of your child?

My younger kids are also into such behavior.

Thanks a bunch do have a great day.