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Trail Blazer Christy Amalu Bares It All

Can we know a little about you?

My name is Christy Amalu JP. I am a Registered Adult Nurse, A Registered Mental Health Nurse, and a Registered Midwife by profession. I currently work as a Clinical Nurse Advisor in the United Kingdom. Christy is an Author, Co-Author, Motivational Speaker, an entrepreneur, a radio host, a community leader, An Ordained Pastor, a Philanthropist and Global Pillar of Peace Ambassador which earned her the title Her Excellency Ambassador Queen Christy Amalu JP, GPPA. I am happily married and gifted with 5 precious and gifted children.

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Can you tell us about your NGO, when did it start?

My NGO is called A Well Woman Network UK, it started in 2013.It is a non-for-profit organisation of Women looking to maintain optimum Health and other dimensions of wellbeing. We achieve this through organizing conferences and workshops both locally and internationally to educate, equip and empower women/ individuals to maintain their health and wellbeing.

We also do charity work through our ‘Stepping Out in Style Project’ where we send school shoes and bags to children in rural Africa who walk to school on bare feet, this is to protect them from puncture injuries and infections resulting from unprotected feet thereby alleviating that burden from mothers of this children who are unprivileged to provide such for their children. We have extended our Charity work to different parts of the country – Imo State, Abia State, Abuja, Lagos and internationally to India and Kenya. Our mission is changing the lives of women one at a time.

With your profession, what prompted your interest in setting up the NGO?

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My propelling factor is having worked with women in my chosen profession and ministry, I found out that women harbour a lot of life issues and most times they go about this with a smile and faces covered up with foundation, hence my passion geared towards helping to alleviate some of these issues using my NGO as the platform. I am a strong believer that to train a woman is to train a nation.

What is the biggest risk you took for your NGO?

Summoning strength and courage to create AWell Women Network UK when there are militating circumstances that would make it impossible.

What programme are you currently working on?

I have recently concluded shipping items to the less privilege and now starting to stock up for next shipping and presently I am working to release my new book titled WHEN FRIENDS FAIL which was drawn from experiences women face in our world today. This book will serve as a masterpiece to encourage any woman or individual that has been let down by people close to them in one way or the other.

What infuriate you?

When there is a need to be met and unable to do it due to not having resources to achieve it.

Where did you grow up, and how was growing up like?

 I grew up in Nigeria, partly in Imo State and then Lagos State where I continued with my academics. My growing up was not too fantastic and I will say not the worse off. I had a very humble beginning, I was brought up under a civil servant parent with other siblings where the focus was read your books, study, and pass your exams, where attending social functions were out of our agenda, everything was regimented,wake up early in the morning at the rang of the bell, pray and kick start your day.

On Saturdays we do cleaning and go to farm, we literally put into practice whatever we were taught in Agricultural lessons in school; On Sundays you must be in church early and you must receive holy communion, if you do not you will have to say what sin you had committed that made you not to receive holy communion, with that in mind we became so cautious of offending anyone. When we were sent to either market or anywhere, you are mandated not to stay outside the house after 6pm, if you do, you will receive a cain.

When you rarely look straight into an adult’s eyes to respond to them, if you do, you will be termed as not having respect. I was brought up when you spoil the rod and spare the child. Initially I felt bad about my upbringing but today I look back and thank God because that really shaped me to the woman I am today.

Can you tell us the funny pranks you played as a growing child, either in primary or secondary school?

I cannot remember any because I used to be very shy growing up

What are the challenges facing your NGO?

 Finances! Finances!! Finances!! Yes I said it 3 times here because it is the major issue, most of the things I do for the less privileged I do so with my personal finances and sometime with assistance from my fellow ladies in the group but there is a limit to what I can do because I am just one person with family commitments but my NGO will go a long way if we have sponsors, then we would be able to reach many women at a time and also sustain it.

How many languages do you understand?

Two. Igbo and English Languages

What do you think you have not achieved?

A rehabilitation centre where women can come and receive succour, and get retrained to carry on with their normal

Presently can you count how many awards you’ve got?

There are so many, and I cannot count them. From 2015 I would have received up to 30 awards from different organizations.

What are some of your most rewarding moments with your NGO?

During the time of execution of any project I embark on and the joy and feedback from the beneficiaries. It gives me joy seeing that I added value to other people’s lives

Have you had any embarrassing moment; how did you handle it?

Yes! When I was ridiculed by a friend. I did not find it funny as I never believed a human being could derive joy in treating another in that manner. I felt so bad, learnt my lessons, and moved on. On the other hand, I have been embarrassed by the manner of love people like my Pastors, my fellow ladies at A well woman group etc, have showered towards my cause as it is overwhelming. I pray to God for more positive embarrassment and to bring more positive people and destiny helpers around me.

What would you say are the fundamental differences between your NGO and other NGOs and how did you know Hon. Amb Buzopat?

The difference between my NGO and others isA well Woman Network UK is very unique, we are passionate about what we do, we are selfless, transparent, we caught across tribe and races, we are international, we lead, and others follow.

I met AmbBuzorpat through my Brother (Her Husband) and I clicked with her because we shared a lot of things in common. First, we were born in the same month, she is a highly intelligent, kind-hearted, and hardworking lady, she wears so many hats and they all fit and whenever you see her, she is full of smiles and very inspiring.

What is your best local meal and how have married life treated you and how did you combine all with raising children?

My best local meal is Breadfruit (UKWA), I love it and can eat it any day and any time.  Married life has been amazing, I thank God for blessing me with the family I have, they are the bedrock of all that I do. They support me in every way, and I am grateful for it. You do not choose your family. They are God’s gift to you as you are to them!

Your Favourite Quotes?

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” By John Bunyan

” We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” By Winston Churchill