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Mike Okri: Nigeria a giant walking with the limbs of a mosquito

Veteran Nigerian musician who dominated the Nigerian music scene in the 80s and 90s, Mike Okri, the Founder/CEO of Mike Okri entertainment took a question from Creekvibes News magazine as he expantiate on the way forward for Nigeria:

What can you say about the country’s insecurity?

If we look at how battered the country is presently, you won’t see some of us coming we can as well go to Ghana or Tanzania and show muscles on what we know how to do best, but home is sweet home. As far as I am concern I am not a politician but, my key advice to leaders, either Federal, State or Local we need to begin to look at how selfless we could be for this great nation to rise above self, until then, corruption can never be taken off the table.

We act as if corruption is part of our DNA, it is sad, back in the days when you say you are Christian, Muslim or you belong to a particular religion your conscience will prick you, it will show u have the fear of God.

If you became suddenly wealthy now, nobody will ask you how you made that money, people will entertain your wealth first they don’t care about the legitimacy of your wealth, they celebrate you as an achiever. There was a time Nigeria use to be a golden opportunity for anyman who stands to be a Nigerian, foreigners troop in to see how much of a giant of Africa we were.    

As we speak now, permit me to say we are more or less a giant walking with the limbs of a mosquito, we’ve lost it. In my own opinion if Nigeria will get any better by everybody going their separate ways, fine.

But if Nigeria will accept that the constitution requires a restructuring, yes! I will say we can stand as a nation, let the like of Goodluck Jonathan stands with the degrees they’ve acquired, I bet you it won’t work.     

Until a restructuring platform is laid, where every Nigerian will once again be proud to say I am a Nigerian, before ethnic sentiments. We can’t beat the fact that the collateral damaged done to this country is by our leaders and by those who have failed to understand that our cultural heritage is so colourful, why then should we damage it over sentiment, and it bothers me.