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Say No To Drug Addiction 2021

It’s just 2 weeks to go, The Buzopat’s Meljenstin Youth Empowerment Initiative NGO 2021 Say No To Drug Addiction Youth conference creates genuine awareness for the youths on the dangers and damage of drug addiction. Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God and so is speaking and sharing information with the youths about the future they need and the society they need to create.

The broadcast disturbs some people and the appeal irritates some people but what they don’t know is that amongst those that may be saved lies a future president, future governor, future ambassadors, future husband and wife to their children and even their own children they don’t know the life they live. 5k is difficult to sacrifice to support the NGO but rehabilitation for one is 450,000 per payment not even per a year. I don’t need to know them to impact positively in their lives, I don’t do this for accolade, it’s a divine follow come grace, it’s in my DNA, I will do good things till the day I die and I will give my best