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DJ Cuppy to prospective suitors… if my dogs doesn’t like you, we can’t date

Despite the trolling, billionaire’s daughter, DJ Cuppy, continues to take her new ‘sons’ seriously as she affirms that her dogs determine who she plans to date.

The award-winning disc jockey who acquired a set of Pomeranian dog breed named Dudu and Funfun some months ago has since made them her centre of attraction and attention.

In a recent post on Instagram, DJ Cuppy insists that her dogs in a determinant of whom she intends to date next. In her words;

“If my dogs doesn’t like you, we can’t date” – DJ Cuppy to prospective suitors

“Have you met my 3 month-old Pomeranian sons @DufuPoms? 🐕🐾 If Dúdú and FünFün don’t like you, we can’t date.