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Mikel Obi Meets Gov Yahaya Bello… calls for youth leadership

Former Chelsea player, Mikel Obi, on Sunday called for youth leadership in Nigeria during his visit to the Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello in Abuja.

The former Super Eagles captain noted that it is time for youths in the country to take over across all boards for the growth of the country.

Mikel during his courtesy visit also pledged support for the political ambition of the Kogi State Governor, adding that youths should be given the chance to get the change Nigerians clamour for.

The Stoke City player commended Governor Bello for his achievement in Kogi in the areas of security, healthcare, infrastructure, education and agriculture.

He further stated that when such projects are carried out at the federal level, it would bring further development for Nigeria.

Mikel said, “It is an honour for me to finally meet his Excellency personally after all the good things I have heard and read about him from not just the people of Kogi State but from Nigerians.”

“My main aim is to come here to show my appreciation and to thank him for all the things he has been doing for the people and also to support him in whatever future political positions he wants to go into.”

“I would like to be there to support him, to be there by his side through this journey for him to achieve whatever he wants, which is for the betterment of Nigeria.”

Obi said he was hopeful that Yahaya and himself could work together as a team to achieve success.

“What better person to lead the youths than him, because he has been doing all these good works and that is why I am here to see whatever way I can come in.”

“To get the youths together to know and see how we can make things better for our country and how we can align to achieve all that.”

Bello in his response, appreciated the footballer for his visit, noting that the security and welfare of his people and Nigerians remained his priority.

He charged the former Super Eagles player to use his influence to charge Nigerian youths to contest for a leadership position in the country to change the existing narratives in line with the current realities.

“We can always come from our comfort zone to support each other.

“If we do not take charge, we are going to blame ourselves tomorrow. The opportunity has come and it is now, not a second later.

“So you are going to integrate with us, not just as the superstar, Mikel Obi, but as one who will be in tune with what is happening at home politically.

“In the western world, because they have political stability, that is why there is safety and security,” the governor said.

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