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Ifeyinwa Ezenwan: How Majority of my Classmates Were Impregnated

…want to pair with Yul Edocihie and Mercy Johnson

Confidence radiated Nollywood, Abia State born actress apparently new entrant into the Nigeria Movie Industry, Mrs Ifeyinwa Ezenwan, hails from Isiala Ngwa North Local Government Area, happily married to Mr Ezenwan Kingsley, a businessman.
Her union is blessed with two handsome boys and a beautiful baby girl. Mrs Ifeyinwa attended Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, Imo State.
Earlier in life, soft spoken actress, attended Umuezenta Umuominta Community Primary School and proceeded to Sounds Vocational Academy, Mbawsi, Isiala Ngwa North LGA, of Abia State for her secondary school education.
A graduate of Business Administration and Management, class of 2008, she did her NYSC Youth Service, in 2009 in Gombe State, North-eastern part of Nigeria.
In this interview with Creekvibes Oluwadamilare Daniels, enjoy;

How was the experience, as a serving Youth Corp member?
It was interesting my pupils were teaching me Hausa language, I was there English teacher then, I had Salami who was doing the interpretation.
For Salami, where and how did he learn his own English language?
He said he grew up in Enugu, probably he must have learnt it while growing up there.
Your students back then, were they catching up?
Yeah but not very fast, during my sent forth, they all came to my lodge one of the girls had wanted to return with me, I’ve forgotten her name but her father owns our Corper’s lodge.

While you were serving in Gombe State, how were Youth Corp member coping with infiltrating insurgence?
Haa! It was terrible, two months after our camp, they came in through Maiduguri and started burning churches and killing people,we were all terrified, then the Local Government Chairman was forced to provide security for us and we were transferred to a more secure lodge until the raging situation was brought under control, my second encounter was three months to our POP another fight broke out due to land issues and Boko Haram came again and left their trade marks as usual houses got burnt dead bodies litters streets.

On our POP day similar scenario played out that made our CLO to instruct every one of us to waybill our luggage’s ahead of us. In-short we all slept with our 4X4 and as early as 5 am we were all up to return to our various locations and we thank God there was no bad news.
Can you share your primary/secondary school days experience?
Hmmmm, my secondary school days had memories that can’t die easily, I thank God I made it through primary school because majority of my classmate did not graduate to secondary.
Was there a pandemic or epidemic?
Not really, convulsion was rampant and parents were naive on how to curb it.
What notable happenstances can you share with us concerning your high school?
There were a lot of inter school fights, some seniors were arrested and their parents couldn’t raise money to take their bails; their time was wasted in jail, so they didn’t return to school, some changed school.
Was there any dead record during the inter-school conflicts?
No, but there was a lot of blood letting through matchetes and cutlasses.
We later deduced fellow student were introduced into cultism by their seniors’ ones who were already in higher institution then.
And some of my female classmates were impregnated so they got dropped out of school.

How did it happen, by teachers or fellow students?
They were deceived by both teachers and fellow students.
What brought you into acting, by discipline you were suppose to be working in a financial institution?
There is an Igbo adage that says “You don’t stay in one place to catch a good view of the masquerade.”
I registered because I love acting, as a growing child I have been nurturing the idea of being a screen goddess.
What is the stand of your husband concerning your acting career?
In fact (laughs), he is of the opinion that actress are wayward due to their exposure which in turn ruin their marriages so, I had to start explaining to my husband how far I’ve gone on enquiries on how to be a blemish free actress, I even told him that it was camera they use to do some awkward pairing.
It wasn’t easy for me at all, he said what about women passing the night with other men in the same room?
That was when I gave instance of Chioma Chukwuka, whose marriage is still intact, many at time Chioma chooses the part she acts.
Who among the actors will you want to pair with, in the industry?
Hmmmm, Yul Edochie, Walter Anga… I can’t remember other names right now.
Role Model in the acting industry?
Ngozi Ezeonu and Mercy Johnson, I so much appreciate their acting skills.
Per adventure, you came back from location and saw your husband with another lady having fun in your apartment, what will you do?
I won’t kill myself o, I will rather do my house chores after that, I will wait till night and we will settle it in our bedroom, after all he is my husband, I will query him, if his reasons punched holes pointing to my inefficiency to meet up his demands, I will ensure I adjust.
I’ve got no business with the lady because someone brought her in.
Have you seen hidden acting traits in your children?
My daughter has it. The interest came up when she saw Daniella at her best.
What’s her name?
Lilian, when she was called upon in the church to handle the microphone, she’ll do it with all zealousness.
Apart from acting what else can you do perfectly?
I am very good in advertising products and teaching.
Are you very good in the kitchen?
I belong to many online groups where I’ve learnt how to cook delicacies my parents didn’t teach me. While we were growing in the village nobody taught us how to cook Salad, Fried Rice, Coconut Rice and Curry sauce.
While in this chapter of Actors Guild of Nigeria has there been any sexual harassment?
Not at all, when I came with my daughter I actually came to spy if there were flirting of any kind but, I found none.

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