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Meet MAJ: My sound is daring because I think outside of the box when making music (Video)

An indigene of Abia state, she is the second of four kids and a graduate of the National Open University.

MAJ is a singer-songwriter, performing artist and fashion designer who is very passionate about her craft, with strong family values.

How did MAJ find music?

MAJ: I grew listening to lots of songs. During the weekends, my dad would play the likes of Fela, Paul Play Dairo, P Square and so so forth.

What was your songwriting like as a kid?

MAJ: Well it wasn’t top notch. It was mediocre at it, best but it was a learning process and it took a while and help from professional to get to where I’m now.

Define your sound in a few words?

MAJ: My sound is daring just because I like to think outside box a lot when making music.

How did you even discover your stage name?

MAJ: My stage name is an acronym of all my names which is Mildred Adanma Joel, so is wasn’t different to form.

What inspires you?

MAJ: My family inspires me a lot, always cheering for me to move ahead.

How did you join K20 Entertainment

MAJ: I joined k20 entertainment through a mutual friend who is the label’s in-house producer.

What does it mean to be a female artist in Nigeria?

MAJ: The positive of being a female artist in Nigeria is that there not so many of us in the industry so everyone is willing to listen to what you have to offer. The negative aspect is that the industry it’s dominated by men, so you really have to push to get to where you aim to be.

You’re beautiful. Has that been a blessing or a problem?

MAJ: I believe everyone is beautiful in God’s eyes, so I would say it’s been a blessing – yeah a little to get me through the door. But hard work and perseverance kept me,so beauty without hard is total failure.How much did ‘Cup Don Full’ change for you

MAJ: The song was a stepping stone. It placed my name and my brand out there and showed people that I’m really fierce and that I plan to stay a very long time.

What do you want to project every time people meet you or listen to your music?

MAJ: I want people to listen to my sound and instantly relate to it and when they meet me instantly they get the “every girl next door “vibe from me because I’m goofy.

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