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Happy Father’s Day to an Inspiring Late father

By Barrister Matthew Omonade

Papa I will forever celebrate you for as long as I live. You were my mentor, the one I looked up to while growing up. You thought me how to love all, irrespective of status in life. You thought how to work hard and fight for what I believe in. You thought me to always stay humble. You believed in me and showed me unquenchable love. You carried me to every where you went to. You were my best friend and my hero. When life became unfair to us, from a successful and intelligent BANK MANAGER you became a taxi driver and I was your conductor. We stayed strong even in our darkest days in life. You were a fighter. You never gave up. For five years you battled with stroke. You became incapacitated and helpless. You were abandoned even by some of your relatives and best friends. You were betrayed by those you trusted the most. You were oppressed by a bank you worked for, for over 30 years. In all, you showed character and resilience.

Papa I will never forget 2nd of January, 2002, the day you departed from this sinful world without saying goodbye to your favourite child. I was daddy’s boy and will forever be grateful for your love.  You were my best friend.

Papa your former taxi CONDUCTOR and boy, is now a Legal Practitioner, a Senior Special Assistant to the Deputy Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and now a FATHER.

Forever in my heart, Late Michael Onodjeta Omonade.

Love you Dad. 😢😭

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