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Truth must prevail over Chidinma, Brenda and late Super Tv boss saga

The last has not been heard about the death of Super Tv boss has more facts are beginning to emerge…

Brenda’s boyfriend (Yes, Boyfriend) is related to Chidimma… in fact, her paternal uncle – Izu.
Izu and Brenda have been going out since she was employed at NNPC, and they’re really in love.
Usifo is the only one standing in their way, as they planned to get married after the divorce.
Yes, Brenda and Usifo’s marriage had been in tatters for some years, hence their decision to live apart.
Meanwhile, Izu have been footing the University and pocket money bills for Chidimma, since she got admission to UniLag, as his senior brother (Chidimma’s father couldn’t afford her welfare).

Brenda needed a good evidence of cheating in their marriage, in other to push through a quick divorce.
Izu volunteered to use Chidimma, and arrange a setup relationship between her and Usifo.
At first, Chidimma refused to go along with this plot, until he threatened to withdraw his financial support, and ensure she’s sacked from UniLag.

Chidimma reluctantly agreed, and a chance meeting was arranged at a beer parlour before the death of Super Tv boss, and now the story trends on social media platforms

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