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Jumping From One Woman To Another Can Dull Your Blessings –Flashboy

Nollywood Handsome dude, actor Stephen Odimgbe, better known as Flashboy, an indigene of Ihiala in Anambra State, South-East, Nigeria. The highly-rated actor is bound to celebrate another 365 days by September 26th, this year, he has featured in so many Nollywood movies, the nickname ‘Flashboy’ got stocked after his exemplary performance in a movie where he played the role of Flash Boy. 

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The 5 feet 9 inches tall actor is a graduate of Management and planning, from Abia State University, he also has a certificate from a movie/acting school. While he was 10-year-old the interest of being an actor crept into him, on the other hand, he fell in love with the round leather game. 

He grew up shuttling between Ihiala and Lagos State, interestingly he is a fantastic footballer, he trained at a football academy while in Lagos but quite unfortunate he could not secure a football club, according to him, while he was in the club the children of rich Nigerians were able to secure football clubs in Europe due to their affluence. He fielded few questions from Creekvibes OLUWADAMILARE DANIELS. Excerpts;

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What are the challenges you face on your way to stardom? 

Rejections, like trying to get movie roles, going to different auditions and locations, and not been selected. 

What has being a popular actor deprived you of?

Finding true love is somehow difficult, because there is this general notion that celebrities don’t stay with one woman, so it was difficult to convince a woman you want to settle with, that you are for real, but on the contrary, the not too serious ladies want to have you around them. 

Who are your role models in the Hollywood movie industry? 

Will Smith and Denzel Washington. As a growing-up lad, what was your ambition? To be a renowned star, also to be a very good footballer but I did not secure a club when I needed it the most. Are you still very good on the pitch? Yeah, I still do. While you were hot, why did you not go to Enyimba or Wikki Tourist? No, I was in Lagos, at a football academy but, then guys from rich homes were able to secure football clubs abroad, the bottom line was that I wasn’t lucky to have been selected.

What are the most important life lessons you’ve learned? 

I always believe in myself; I don’t procrastinate, I’ve learned to go for what I want without looking back, even when my mind kept telling me they will deny me, I must try to ensure I fulfill my part. 

Some of your fans think you are a playboy, how would you describe your love life? 

I am a quiet and very romantic person. If I love you, I will go all out for you, I also love children and if you love children you must have a good heart to be with someone. I put people in my shoes a lot and I wouldn’t want to maltreat anyone. 

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It is not the way people think, they judge with my appearance and with the kind roles I interpret, they think I hang up with a girl every other night in a club, or girls stripping around me, as we speak I am back home. I’m not saying I’m a holy, holy kind of person but if you are promiscuous, it’ll deprive you of your blessings, that has helped me to be disciplined because I know that jumping from one woman to another is harmful.

Who is the lucky woman, will you want to share her name with us?

No, she doesn’t like publicity. Presently are you acting; directing or producing? Currently, I’m on a movie set for someone and I’m gearing up for Flashboy movie series coming up on my Youtube channel ‘Flashboy Nollywood Tv’ and we are also working on a couple of skits, I’ve got Mercy Etiko and other superstars in the industry.

What do you want your fans to know about you?

I love children, I’ve got an NGO for children, named ‘King’ NGO, every child is a king, I have visited schools; motherless baby homes; hospitals and show children affection, I have been doing that for a while but, due to my tight schedule I had a break funny enough I’ve received accolades from people that love what I was doing and were also ready to give a supporting hand but, know I have created time for it, I have printed T-Shirts, face caps and also I’ve got a bus ready for carriage