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Gov Wike: Niger Delta states unhappy with 3% PIB equity


The governor of Rivers State, Nyesome Wike has stated that the three percent equity allocated to host communities in the Petroleum Industry Act is not enough.

According to him, the Bill which was signed into law on Monday by President Muhammadu Buhari does not go down well with people of the Niger Delta area.

He spoke on Tuesday during an interview on Channels Television, adding, that there is a lot of work to do in the oil-bearing states which have been greatly devastated by years of oil exploitation.

Speaking on the neglect of oil-producing communities during the interview, Wike said, “It is an injustice that the PIB proposed only three per cent for the host communities within the framework of the PIB.

“This is why I am happy Shell has come to terms with the local communities over the N45 billion compensation over the oil spillage.

“This oil spillage has to do with some communities in Ogoni LGA. The environmental pollution was not rectified despite promises by the FG.”

He also faulted the approval given to the oil companies in the act to determine what constitutes their host communities.

According to Wike, most oil companies may sabotage the implementation of the PIB, particularly as regards the 3% shares for host communities.

“I was thinking that government should have a hand in monitoring the spending of such funds. That’s my own thinking. Not just to allow it. I do agree you don’t need to pay to government but paying to the host community and leaving them alone will cause a lot of crisis.

“There should have been someone to checkmate the communities in order not to have crisis.

“I can assure you that sending that money to the communities for them to spend for development purposes I have no problems but how do you checkmate the use of that fund?

“I can tell you knowing the IOCs very well, what they will do is to sponsor crisis for them not to send such funds to them,” he said.