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Damion Simmons, 45 burnt wife to death

A British man identified as Damion Simmons, 45, who didn’t want his estranged wife, Denise Keane-Simmons, 36, to keep or see friends, poured litres of petrol over her and set her ablaze at her home in Brent, North-West London, on April 16, 2020.

The victim was found on her bedroom floor in Alric Avenue with extensive burns and smoke inhalation and was pronounced dead in hospital, police have revealed.

Police say they attended the property 40 minutes before he carried out the ‘calculated’ killing as the victim had reported threatening messages from her estranged husband that said he had put pictures of her on PornHub.

She also reported discovering he had hidden a camera in a lightbulb in her bedroom.

In a statement to police officers she called over on the night of her murder, Mrs Keane-Simmons, who worked as a teaching assistant, said: ‘I feel anxious about leaving my house as his behaviour is so unpredictable and just want to live my life without that worry of Damion.’

But less than an hour after the police left, Simmons burnt down the house.

The couple had met in Trinidad where they married in February 2019, and Simmons then relocated to the UK to move in with his wife.

But their relationship became strained because he wanted Mrs Keane-Simmons to change her behaviour and stop seeing friends.

Hours before the murder, the man posted an intimate picture of her on Instagram along with her maiden name, job, and the school where she worked.

In a WhatsApp voice message he then sent to his ex-wife, he said: ‘I hope you suffer and die just like how I suffer and die before I go. I really hope you suffer and die.’

On the same night of her death, CCTV captured Simmons buying five and a half litres of fuel from a nearby petrol station.