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Prince Don shots: THE BOOK OF SAINT MICHAEL …over 110 favourite casts on location


 It is often said that great ideas are everywhere, but the best creative mind can never reach its potential without a team that knows how to make it real.

Prince Don a producer, director, cinematographer, and post-production wizard, spoke with Creekvibes.

The MD/CEO of Eagles Grade Movies Production has produced over 120 movies and still counting, his area of specialisation is to bring a film, television series, or other creative media projects to fruition.

He was born in Aguata Local Government Area of Imo State, Ekwulobia to be precise, one of the largest cities in Anambra State after Awka, but the multiple award-winning producer cum director grew up in Ihiala Local Government.

He is a graduate of Theatre Art from Imo State University and did his mandatory youth service in Awka and later went back for his Masters at the same citadel of learning.

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In this interview, Prince Don talked about the way forward for Nollywood and also shines light on dark areas in the movie industry.


As a growing child do you have a premonition that you will be a movie producer?

Life is all about deciding what you imagine to be when you were young, while growing up, you keep working towards it.

At what age did you start producing?

I started quite early; I was in SS1 in secondary school.

What does the feature hold for Nollywood, if they kept repeating old actors and old faces?

If Nollywood kept repeating old faces the future of the industry will be nothing to write home about, instead of going forward, it will be a retrogressive step for the industry at large.

Do you encourage infuse of new actors/actresses in movie production?

Yes, I do, we use upcoming actors/actresses to project and encourage them to global limelight.

How many awards do you have for your credit?

I have so many awards, and I have lost count.

Which of them has the highest monetary value?

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The ‘Royal T Ventures Award’ was the highest in monetary terms; although it is still in my domain, it was given to me on the 16th of August 2016, as the Best Dynamic Producer of The Year 2015.

Do you have political ambition?


How are you propagating your way into the political terrain?

I have the vision of going into politics but it is not yet time so I haven’t started working on it. Once it is time, I will step in to achieve great success, because my vision is great.

How was it like growing up in Anambra?

Growing up in Anambra was ok, it’s an environment where you can nurture children without fear of them getting corrupt, Anambra has good educational facilities and from my perspective, it has never been governed by incompetent hands.

Anambra is a home for all, the people are welcoming.

Are you married?

The marriage process is ongoing in due course the wedding bell will toll.

Can you share one of the ridiculous things you’ve done in the course of discharging your duties as a producer?

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During the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, Emeka Rollas, president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria had issued a circular that every location should be shut down and all actors and actresses should return home for safety purposes, but I strived to cover up the log of jobs at hand, I went against the order to reduce the work log. Though, I reduced the work log with luck on my side.

Hope there was no sanction?

Not, at all.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am currently working on a very big project; an award-winning blockbuster with over 110 casts on Location.

Can you share the title?

‘THE BOOK OF SAINT MICHAEL’ is a secondary school movie with over 110 casts on location

Fans should watch out for their favourite artists because a whole lot of notable actors and actresses are on location right now.

Have you gone out of the country in the course of your job?

My profession has taken me to Accra, Cameroon, and some other locations.