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Bobrisky: My critics are all still following him…reacts to info leaked by PA

Bobrisky 1

Bobrisky reacts after his former PA, Oye Kyme, leaked personal information about him. Oye alleged Bobrisky gossips a lot about other celebrities, poses for photos with borrowed goods only to later return them to the owners.

She also claimed that Bobrisky and Mompha had a se*ual relationship.

Oye has continued to insist that her claims about Bobrisky are true, despite Mompha disputing it.

The allegations by Oye led to a war of words between Mompha and Bob after the crossdresser refused to go online to clear Mompha’s name.

Now, in a new post, Bobrisky has said that despite the insult he’s receiving from Instagram users following Oye’s allegations, his critics are all still following him.