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In this life, be very careful the kind of woman you marry…man narrates ordeal

A Nigerian man identified as Ayo Aroloye has narrated how his wife ‘hijacked’ his entire family from him.

“In this life, you have to be very careful of the kind of woman you marry. My wife has successfully hijacked my entire family from me. I’m sure that if they ask my mom which one of us she gave birth to she won’t be able to differentiate us again.

The night, my mom called to say hello, after a few minutes she said I should cut the call that it was actually my wife that she called first and since she didn’t pick she decided to call me instead, but since my wife is calling her back now let her just quickly talk to her. Ehn pele omo mi. Ahan?

Mummy it’s Ayomide, your first child. Ehn I know jo mabinu, jo cut call. Ahan? I had been noticing the signs but I have been quietly shrugging it off as jokes, but tonight’s own is an assault on my person and I can’t take it. This girl just came yesterday and you people are abandoning someone you people gave birth to, saw through school etc.

The painful part is I would have done my own back but I know her own family self, those ones are just tolerating me. So, I hereby use this medium to communicate that I am family searching. I may not you people with money o but I sabi wear sharp agbada and can be seen as a father figure.”


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