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Princess Emmanuel: My mother got married as a virgin, virginity is honourably to be taken away by marriage

Dazzling 18

Princess Emmanuel, an indigene of Abia State currently studying marketing at the Polytechnic Bori in Rivers State, Although, being a marketing student does not restrict her from creating a niche for herself in the movie industry, her parents are from Abia State, the mother from Umuahia while dad from Obegu respectively.

She has featured in ‘Tears of Amanda’, and also ‘Tears of Nneka.’

The ‘Tears of Nneka’ sub-lead role actress was poisoned by an envious friend to dispose her from her fiancé so that she can mingle with him.


She grew up in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, she speaks her native language, Igbo fluently, and also has a good understanding of the Okrika Language.

She attended Nigerian Christian Seminary school, Aba and she was a hostel student where manners were inculcated into her medullar, her vows of chastity chattered at the age of 23 with the apprehension that, she was going to say ‘I do’ to her first love, but the relationship turned sour and they both went separate ways.

However, she did give love a second chance; she is currently in a steadily growing relationship that tickles her ‘mumu button.’

Her advice to young girls is not to lose focus in life; and not to be dissuaded with a love affair that poise in form of ‘Greek gift’ which may end up robbing them off of their pride as a woman, she echoed that virginity is the pride of a woman and it is honourable to be taken away by marriage.

She recalled, how her mother’s virgin was taken away by her father, while her mother has itches in getting pregnant, her father’s family threw tantrums insinuating her mother was wayward and might have aborted all the eggs in her ovaries, but her father with the understanding of getting married to a virgin stood his ground in face of the pressure to pick a second wife, while the scornful acts linger her mother was called so many unprintable names.

After about two and half years of insults, God opened her mother’s womb, and she conceived, Princess Emmanuel came forth, and her younger brother followed on the heels.