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Moji Olojede: The Rise, Making of MAFFA Couture

We make statements rather than sales

Nigeria’s erudite entrepreneur, Moji Ajibola Olojede an extraction of Modakeke in Osun State but grew up in Lagos State. She attended Jubril Martins High School, Agege, and got admitted into Ibadan Polytechnic to study Business Administration, after her Ordinary National Diploma (OND) she did her mandatory Industrial Training at Profon Security.

Young, pretty, and brilliant Moji knows the quality of being a full graduate, she went back to the same citadel of learning and did Marketing at Higher National Diploma (HND) level, with flying colours she emerged.

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After the ‘Under the sun, under rain’ mandatory youth service to her father’s land, she was given full employment at the company where she did her industrial attachment. Two years later her exemplary performance preceded her to Mutual Alliance Savings & Loans Limited now Mutual Alliance Mortgage Bank.

At Mutual Alliance she let loose at acquired skills and knowledge for three years she worked diligently for the growth of the organisation, as a go-getter, it was time to move up the ladder; she took the bull by its horns.

As a qualified business administrator and a certified marketer, she ventured into buying and selling of expensive fabrics from Dubai; she became a regular visitor at the United Arab Emirate this necessitated the incorporation of FFK, the outfit became a rallying point for quality male and female clothing meant for kings, and queens.

The knowledge of looking beautiful and staying in beauty grew in soft-spoken and humble Moji, as she added skincare products to her already growing business.

Like the saying goes ‘One good turn deserves another,’ her skincare products which include soaps and skin lighten moisturizes became accepted by notable actors and actresses due to the wonders it performs in clearing blemishes from rough skins.

The art of creating unique clothing and accessories designs crept into her subconscious mind, and she began the practice of fashion design intertwined with a culture based on consumers’ demands, these brought her creative vision into fore, and consumers responded to her innovative yet attractive designs that ushered in new trends in the fashion scene as it is today.

She later registered MaFfa Conture with Corporate Affairs Commission, (C.A.C) the outfit took over from FFK the dealing with unique clothing and expensive accessories; her skincare products that enable real beauty to stay in beauty were not left out.

Her fashion designing talents and visions play a big role in how people look, and it does contribute to the cultural and social environment, she sketches her designs, selects materials, and also gets involved in the integral part of the production aspects.

While her business triumphs, her customers in Diaspora and within started making requests of dressmaking which prompted her to contact a tailor to carter for their growing needs; soon customers’ need increased and the need to meet up consumers’ demand, she bought sewing machines which include sophisticated Industrial weaving machines and the journey on the Tiger’s back began from her home.

Six months later she got an outlet at Oremeta area of Ojodu Berger, it comprises of different sections of dressmaking and accessories assemblage with qualified and trustworthy staff under her auspices working tirelessly to meet customers’ demands, and deadlines, it may also interest you to know that the outlet also has a showroom for finished clothes and accessories.

Her philosophy and her fashion works make statements rather than sales alone, her ready-to-wear collections are good exports outside the shores and they are seen in boutiques on high streets across Europe.

Creekvibes News Magazine’s Oluwadamilare Daniels during an interview session asked her how long did it take her to learn the making of the skincare product and how much did she expend on it while learning the process.

She, said, “I learned it for three months.” Furthermore, Creekvibes asked if the amount was not bank-breaking, she replied by saying, “I learned it for just N50, 000 (Fifty Thousand Naira) then.”

She also said that she can’t explain how her designing prowess works but when the inspiration comes out of the blue she will quickly hand it down and later on develop it and pass it on to her dress-makers to represent it, if not properly represented, it will be repeated until the lines match the specification she conceived, and that is what makes her designs unique; highly sorted after, funny enough she does not pedal sewing machines.

She took seven questions from OLUWADAMILARE DANIELS, excerpts;

Mostly where do you have the majority of your patrons outside the shores?

United States, Canada, and the UK.

Have you had a situation where money was spent on a particular design and after rolled out people were not enthusiastic about buying them?

No, I have never had such a scenario, the worst could be customers may not rush it, but I will sell all at the appropriate time.

Has there ever been any embarrassing moment whereby you mixed cream for a customer and the cream reacted negatively on the customer’s skin and she decided to create a scene?

No, not at all, (laughs).

If a prospective customer wants to contact you online, how will he or she go about it?

We are active on social media, our Facebook, and Instagram pages are accessible, our website will soon be open to taking orders as well.

How long have you been on these vocational?

Over four years now.

How did you arrive at the acronym ‘Maffa’?

It’s a combination of my name and my husband’s names.

What do you want people to know about your clothing line?

They are unique and I will keep serving them with designs that can’t be seen elsewhere.


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