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Ghanaian Child Taught Himself Japanese in a Day, Solves Equations

A two-year-old Ghanaian child, identified as Isaiah Gyamfi teaches himself languages. The genius child can write, count in English, Spanish, French, and solve multiplication and subtraction.

Gyamfi learned how to count up to 40 in Japanese in less than 24 hours after watching a Japanese numeracy video

His 30-year-old mom, Jazelle, from South West London, told the Mirror that he was able to grasp new information easily from the age of five months.

His mother recalls how it all started while her son was watching a phonic video on her phone on YouTube. ”He scrolled to the videos at the bottom and clicked on a Japanese numeracy video,” she said.

The London-based early childhood education teacher disclosed that he listened to it once, became fixated, and asked to watch it again. ”Then before I knew it, he would recite the numbers back to back,” she said. When she realised her son was keen on languages, she showed him a video in Spanish and subsequently got him Spanish flashcards.

Jazelle turned her living room into a numeracy and literacy environment so that he could benefit visually when her son turned four months old. Reading letters He surprised both of his parents by saying letters when they pointed them out to him. Jazelle recalls he correctly pointed out letters when he was eight months old, and weeks after, he would sound them out using phonics.