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Burtally 35 brutalised wife at train station, pointed at rail passenger who looked like woman he had fun with, court hears

A property boss, of Woking, Surrey, assaulted his wife during a drunken row

Adil Burtally, 35, ‘pushed wife towards wall’ at London Bridge station last month.

He also pointed at rail passenger who ‘looked like the woman he had an affair with’

Burtally received 30 days of rehabilitation activity and 120 hours of unpaid work.

Adil Burtally, allegedly grabbed Natasha Knights and rammed her into a wall after an argument started at London Bridge station on October 24.

The couple, who have two children but no longer live together, were out ‘celebrating their anniversary’ when the row took place.

According to prosecutor Sudara Weerasena; ‘He pointed out a woman who looked like the woman he had an affair with,” she told Westminster Magistrates court.

Burtally, the owner and director of Knights Property Services, based in Camberley, Surrey, was ‘under the influence of alcohol when he attacked his wife.

Weersena told the court: ‘The defendant pushes her towards the wall and then he holds her towards the wall.’

She said his wife can be seen repeatedly trying to walk away from him. He also reaches with his left hand and grabs her right br*ast.’

A female commuter tried to intervene before Burtally grabbed his wife again as she tried to walk away, the court heard.

‘You can see on the footage she looks visibly distressed,’ said the prosecutor, while watching the footage made available at the hearing.

‘He said he didn’t believe he had done any harm to her. It shows a lack of insight into how serious domestic abuse is.’

Ms Weerasena told the court Ms Knights had previously called police to their home after Burtally ‘dragged her by her hair down the stairs’.

Nathan Alleyne-Brown, defending, said Burtally has since described it as a ‘stupid mistake that never should have happened.’

He added: ‘In his police interview he accepted the wrongdoing that took place.

‘This was an isolated incident and it is not a feature of recurring scenes within this relationship.’

According to Dailymail, Magistrate Maeve Bromwich told Burtally; ‘Whatever anyone may say, this was a nasty offense committed in public.

‘There are a number of aggravating factors including drink.’

She sentenced Burtally to 30 days of rehabilitation activity and 120 hours of unpaid work.

The magistrate also ordered Burtally to stay away from his wife’s home in Camberley and her work address.

Burtally, of Scarlett Close, Woking, Surrey, admitted assault by beating.