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Annes Anaekwe: I got my bubbling beauty from my parents…marriage is a beautiful institution

Cover 18 Edition

Annes Anaekwe, brilliant not without beauty; one of the most sort after Nollywood divas, a filmmaker a model, and a storyteller. Finest Diva as she is fondly called while in the University of Ilorin due to her looks; creativity, brilliancy, and her talented nature.

Her top-notch nature of interpreting her given roles in movies makes her director and producers favourite and it earned her ‘Nollywood queen of drama’ accolades

The thespian hails from Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State, in the  South-Eastern part of Nigeria, Africa, though born into a family of six, in Ilorin, she is the second child of her parents while her parents were living in Ilorin, she had her educational details from cradle to the zenith in Kwara State.

The actress who was born on November 1, made a thunderous entry into the Nigeria Movie Industry and had featured in movies such as, All For Mama, Shades of Friends, Desperate Baby Mama, The Prodigal, Angel I See, Instagram Girls, Unjustified, Wandering Soul, Mr Right to mention a few. Creekvibes News Magazine OLUWADAMILARE DANIELS brought you excerpts from an interview conducted with her.

Will you want your children to also act in movies?

If they want to. Not my decision to take.

What are you currently working on that will wao your over 30k fans?

Working on good movies and bettering my craft.

How many awards to ur credit?

Nominations…still hoping to bag one soon.

While you were in secondary school were you a star girl, were you noticed?

One of the most popular girls in my high school.

What earned you the name ‘Nollywood queen of drama,’

How I interpret and embody the characters I play.

Finest Diva was a nickname that was given to you during your university days in Ilorin, how did it happen?

Can’t even remember. It all started with finest and then diva came in when I started my journey into the film industry.

Have you ever considered modeling, or have u modeled?

Yes, I started with modeling as a teenager, did a few billboards and tv commercials.

Between mum and dad who do you look like?

My dad.

Can we say your bubbling beauty ascended from your dad?

From both parents actually.

As a producer how many films have you produced?

I’ve done three, two of them yet to be released.

Dazzling 18

As an actress how many films have you acted in approximately?

Laughs… above 20, but I have lost count.

What drew you to Nollywood?

Love of the screen.

If not acting what else would you have done better?

Design and decorate space.

Tell us the uncommon part of you that people don’t know?

Not so well. I’m very emotional.

Who or what inspires your acting skills?

Good actors

How was growing up like in Kwara?

Very beautiful and peaceful.

Which secondary school did you attend?

Baptist Model High School. Ilorin, Kwara State

Do you have any idea what took your parents to Kwara?


Did you at some points use Ijab or consider using ijab in the University of Ilorin?


The way Uniloring students are teleguided does it means that lecturers don’t frolic with students?

I don’t know about that o, it happens in all Universities

Will you want to share your age with us?

I’m an adult.

There is this thesis around town that students from Uniloring like getting married to each other after graduation, do you agree with this, have you seen such a scenario?

None, that I can remember

Have you had a close to death experience?

Yes but a very long time ago

Have you had any embarrassing moments, how did it happen?

Went out with friends and someone stole money. We were all accused and interrogated, it was so embarrassing.

How do you passive marriage?

It is a beautiful institution.

Do you think you can advise couples having difficulties in their marriages, if yes what advice can you offer them?

I don’t think I can. I’m not there, so I can’t give a piece of good advice in that regard.