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QAnon conspiracy theory: Michelle Obama ‘is a well-hung man’

New Channel 4 documentary The Cult of Conspiracy: QAnon went down the rabbit hole of nutty conspiracy theories and two believers on the show claimed Michelle Obama was a man

According to, A QAnon conspiracy theorist has claimed Michelle Obama is a “well-hung” man – and he didn’t even appear to be joking.

The Channel 4 documentary revealed on Tuesday (December 7) the unusual beliefs behind the US-based cult were explored and key figures from the movement agreed to talk on camera.

The QAnon conspiracy theory originated on the internet when an anonymous forum user made wild claims that leading Democrat politicians were paedophiles and Donald Trump was a hero backed by God who would defeat them.

Dustin Nemos, author of QAnon: An invitation to the Great Awakening, told British journalist Ben Zand his bizarre views about the former US First Lady.

Talking about Barack Obama, the conspiracy theorist says: “I don’t believe those [Malia and Sasha] are his kids.

“I mean, his wife is not even a woman.”

Another believer then interrupts and claims there are no photographs online of Michelle Obama pregnant which he believes is proof.

Dustin then continues: “The reality of the world is much different than you’ve been told on fake news.”

When Ben questions how he can really believe the former First Lady has a penis, Dustin insists it is “more believable than Joe Biden won the 2020 election”.

He adds: “I believe that we can make a very good case including people who are biological experts who can weigh the Adam’s apple, measure the shoulders, and all of that, that Michelle Obama is a man.

The documentary was watched by many baffled Brits who called it “terrifying” and branded the cult followers “weirdos”.

One commented on Twitter: “QAnon prog on telly now. I recall having more lucid conversations, speaking more sense with glue sniffers down the park or acid heads at a rave in my youth.”

“Knew they were tinfoil hat-wearing weirdos but one of them has just come out and said Michelle Obama is definitely a man,” tweeted someone else.

A fourth user commented: “Male cultist on #Dispatches: ‘Michelle Obama is a man… I believe Michelle Obama is better hung than I am.’ Sheesh.”

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