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MARY UCHE •NOLLYWOOD GOLDEN FISH •One Man Squad…Nollywood Ladies Are Best To Get Married To


Nollywood super actress cum model, Mary Uche who hails from Abia State, South-east Nigeria, is down to earth person who says it as it is, a pragmatic personality.

The ‘Adams Desire’ star actress reeled out most of the scenes boldly. This is admirable. The thespian queen has been able to conquer stage freight before breaking new grounds in the Nigerian movie industry. The University of Port Harcourt graduate had starred in ‘Men in trouble, and  also, she got a major role  in ‘Husband from Hell.’

Mary Uche’s eloquence is captivating, meanwhile, her calendar for the year 2022 is booked to the hilt for the better part of the first quarter of the year. Her script kicks off 9th of January, in Lagos and continues in Enugu, down to the East in Owerri, then moves to Port Harcourt and it goes on like that. She has got not less than 10 transcripts in her pouch, so for a producer thinking of getting her on set, I guess he has to be in the queue.

She is arguably the ‘Golden Fish’ that has no hiding place in the movie industry as every script she picks up is very important.  Uche will always strive to give her best and that is what makes her producers’ favourite actress, according to her; “You might not know the one that will be a super-hit for the year.”

She started acting in 2010 a   career that span 12 years and over the years she has gathered experience through positive and negative challenges. She has six awards to her credits and she is in line to get another award this year; she fielded some questions from CREEKVIBES OLUWADAMILARE DANIELS.

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Which among your six awards do you consider being the highest in monetary terms?

C’mon, when you do that you look down on other awards, every one of them are very important and I appreciate them all.

Have you been involved in any scandal?

Not at all, not that I try to avoid scandals, but I think it’s part of me because of my nature. That is the way I operate and how I do my things. I am someone who doesn’t like scandal at all but anytime it comes I will still look for a way to handle it, so far in this job I don’t have any, and I wouldn’t want to have any.

Sometimes I call myself a ‘One Man Squad,’ (laughter), I literally have a small circle, the people close to you are the ones that will take your secret out and scandalise you, I learned a lot while I was at the university, so if I let you in, into my space I know why, I will mind what I say around you, I am more comfortable with guys than ladies because I don’t like having issues with ladies, ladies have ‘wahala.’

What is the best way you think you can handle a scandal?

If you have a scandal don’t talk, (with a lower tone), because the more you talk, the more your reasons raises more question and the more people are contributing to it, the more it affects you.

You will be hurt more by things you read, don’t be shocked when it comes up, you’ll know a lot of people know you, and if you are not careful depression will set in, deep down in you, you know what they are saying is not true, you might just want to end your life.


My advice to a scandal-ridden person is just to keep calm, when they see you are not saying anything, it will just fizzle out the way it comes.

Have you experienced a situation where you were treated lesser perhaps by the producers/director assumed you are not up there yet?

General laughers, God loves me, I don’t know if I should use that phrase; should I say I was favoured, I don’t know if that is the best word that suits me, the way I started, when people tell me their story I would be like ‘Wow!’

It has never happened to me, I started acting will I was in Uniport, funny enough I have never attended an audition to get on set, the opportunity just presented himself and it was well-done after the first, movie sold out in my face and my second movie, Adams Desire was done with Monalisa Chinda, John Dumelo of Ghollywood, Prince Iyke and a couple of other good actors and actresses, immediately after that my career took a U-turn was, ever since. I have just been receiving calls ‘I have got a script for you,’ those were the calls that were coming in, just like the saying goes; ‘every good turn deserves another.’

Meanwhile, when they were calling, when the scripts were falling over hills for me not that the pay was there, it was the passion I had that kept me going.

How where are you coping?

Hmmmmm, I had a backbone then.


But, because of the passion I had for my chosen career, it is ‘Gogo’ for me, for some five years, I picked up scripts and represented them to the best of my ability. It was after the fifth year that my price tag became fixed.

And that was how I kept on getting my pay and it kept on increasing as the economy demands, so I never had any sort of intimidation.

What I think I’ve experienced is hmmm, I can’t call it intimidation it is just like I wasn’t their friend, the gathering did not pull thoughtful for me and them so, I was like on my own and they just there doing their thing, it was three against one. Though I knew what I could give, I haven’t bordered initially. The senior colleagues still flowed with me but not on a 100 per cent level.

While in secondary school what attracted you to the movie industry.

Nothing really.  While I was in secondary school I have always told my parents I was going to be an actress.

Immediately after my secondary school years, I secured admission into the university. I didn’t even have any stress about writing JAMB. I simply went straight to the University of Port Harcourt, Theatre Arts department and picked up a certificate form. I did that for a year and straight-up direct entry and it paid off for me today.  It is putting food on my table.

Have you traded your business with Soap Opera?

Yeah. Many years back I did You& Mine, together with Yor, Funnyborn, Lilian Esaro.

Are you married or planning to get married soon?

Haaaha, (general laughter). No, I am not married but of course, someday I would get married.

Is marriage in view this year?

Hmmmmmm, my lips are sealed…just be on the lookout.

Can you give relationship advice?

Do you mean relationships in the industry or anywhere?

General relationship.

Yeah, of course, why not, you see most people think that we Nollywood ladies don’t make good wives and probably don’t keep a healthy relationship, but it is a lie if you look very well lately, Nollywood people are the ones getting married.

If you get close to some actresses, you will discover they have a very beautiful heart but because of the nonsense tag about us, when guys come they come with a negative notion and probably assume we are on the wayward part of life.

I want to tell people out there, to look down, we‘ve beautiful souls in the industry and if you ask me, I will tell you they are even the best to get married to, because for one, they are busy doing their thing and of course, you should know that everything you see on screen does not depict that person, it is just a script that ends there, except for those that are in a relationship because we’ve got some people that are dating, which I am not against.

To me it is normal, even in the banking sector, you can see colleagues falling in love, it happens in other industries as well, once it is good for you both you get it rolling, it’s everywhere.

Like me, if I am in a relationship I keep it clean and straight, especially when I like the person, in the morning before going to work, I will give him a call ‘sweetie I’m done bathing o,’ sometimes when I’m on set, I do a video for him to see the people I’m on set with, in other words, to be maintained that trust.

Over the years Nollywood ladies have been painted to be wayward ladies. So when they called maybe you were on set and did not pick they get upset, sometimes 1 am, 2 am we could still be onset but for me, I don’t know about the others. I try as much as I can to update him with whoever I am with, once on break I call him when I see his missed calls I call back.

For me, Mary Uche I make sure it’s clean and if it doesn’t work I wouldn’t want the error to be from my end.

Even if I’m lodged in a hotel I will make a video call, ‘na only me dey o, before you ‘think say’ person dey com visit me.’ Laughers.

You see, it takes a strong man that has already made up his mind to be with us to actually have that trust concerning what we do out there.

Assuming you are in a healthy relationship and there is this fan of yours that wants to be more than a fan, how do you ward them off.

I don’t double date, but because he is a fan, I won’t be harsh on him. You see these fans are the people that make you. I would bluntly tell you if I like who I’m dating and you are around me, you must know him because I communicate with him  from time to time so, I will rather advise the fan to remain a fan but if out of kind gesture he gives me ‘I go take o.’ I won’t lead you on so that you don’t start expecting anything.

General laughter.

What is the most important lesson of life you’ve learned?

To be a good person, I’ve gone through a lot in life, the only thing that has kept me going is my humility and loyalty not loyal to be stupid, these two things have helped me.

What are your achievements so far?

I have built my house, the period I did that in the village nobody knew about it, I have a clothing line business running. I have got two cars, and a foodstuff business, also running in Port Harcourt, and most importantly, I have my family. At least, I’ve trained three people through the university and I have four people in secondary school at the moment.

Next on the bloc is to incorporate Mary Uche’s Foundation, recently the primary school I attended in my village before I left, I took care of the primary one pupils.

I bought textbooks and sew new uniforms for them, it is just that I don’t like sharing such charity work on social media.

How do you keep fit, and maintain your beautiful looks?

Right now I’ve added weight a little, I deal with Strictly Weight Loss, once I am back to Lagos I will order their weight loss product, and sometimes it has to be fruits and water all day I will be back to shape.

What are the three things you can’t avoid doing?

One, my phone.

Two, COVID has made me cut down on travelling, you can hardly find me in Nigeria, I love travelling outside the country a lot.

Three, I like it but not really like you cannot stay without it.

What is it?

Laughs… haha! You should know what it’s when you are with your boyfriend, (general laughs) I like it.

Who is your favourite music artist?

I just like blues or country music.

Who are your role models locally, and international?

Rita Dominic, on the international scene Angelina Jolie.