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First Lady: My Marriage Still Flourish After 20 years

Chinelo Emeka popularly known as First Lady in the movie-making caucus, she is paternally from Uturu Aro-miriukwu in Isikuator Local Government Area of Abia State, while her maternal home remains Ndudu Uturu also in Isikuator Local Government Area.

Chinelo’s flourishing marriage attracted a top position in a relationship group identified as ‘The Relationship Builders’ a group she belongs to, and she was conferred the ‘First Lady of the group due to how effortlessly she counselled couples having marital crises unknown to many her union has produced three beautiful daughters and two handsome sons.
She started as a comedian and distinguished herself through ‘Sister Zion’s Comedy’, The MD/CEO of Eagles Grade Movies Production, Prince Don directed most of her comedies and she has also worked with PM Noble, funny enough she produced and directed her first movie titled ‘The Insider’.

The new entrant played a lead role in her first movie, before the emergence of her movie career, she was into buying and selling mobile phone accessories; a business she still indulges in.
She attended Uturu Community school and Uturu Secondary school respectively in her state of birth.
Creekvibes Magazine asked Chinelo how many marriages have she been able to resuscitate from the brink of collapse.

The middle age lady said, “It is uncountable. while I was living in Lagos I fixed several marriages, as a peacemaker, I ensure I don’t fight with my husband because if I do, nobody will take my advice in my group.

When things were hard, I keep on protecting my home, so I am proud as a woman for over 20 years in my marriage my husband has not laid his hands on me.”
It may surprise you to know that her father was a soldier who fought on the Biafra side during the Nigeria Civil War, as an ex-Biafra soldier he instilled discipline in his children, according to the thespian they are always afraid of him.

One of the sweet memories of her father was that he gave no room for his female children to visit men, there is marked time to return from school and if you violate it you’ve got queries to answer and this helped and moulded her into the woman she is and her hands were given out in marriage as a clean young lady.