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Zion Onyeka and his leading ways

Zion Onyeka (Left)

Zion the erudite young man involve in the manipulation of multiple cinematic elements, such as scene composition; choice of camera along with lenses, lighting setup for each shot is a man gifted with leading roles.

The MD/CEO of Hephzee Films Production has always been playing a leading role right from childhood, he is the present chairman of Association of Nigeria Movie Directors, (ANMD) Imo State, the Movie Producer cum director was the former chairman of Creative Designers Guild of Nigeria (CDGN) an association he orchestrated their existence in Imo State, the film producer was also the former P.R.O and D.G.S of (A.G.N) Actors Guild of Nigeria Imo State chapter.

He took some questions from Creekvibes OLUWADAMILARE DANIELS.

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As chairman Association of Nigeria Movie Directors Imo State, can you tell us how far you have come?

I will say… true leadership is from God, it’s not a journey of a day but because God programmed it that I will be the one to handle the position till another credible person takes over, finding myself in the Nollywood film Industry, it is a journey ordained by God.

ANMD is one big family and my exco and members are in peace we love each other and do things in one accord as our slogan implies “United in production.”

How many movies have you directed, approximately?

I have directed many movies that I can’t remember the figures but it is more than 96 movies and acted in about 22 movies.

What are you currently working on that will fascinate your teaming viewers?

Currently, I’m creating an abstract movie that will fascinate my fans and I will not fail them.

My recent movie was shot in Abuja from the 18th of July 2022 and the movie featured Joyce kalu, Livinus Nnochiri, Tony Goodman, Kate Okoye, Chuks Chyke, and many other nollywood notable actors and actresses.

Happily married…what has marriage taught you?

I’m married and marriage has thought me a lot. To mention but a few, “Patience and To act with wisdom

Who are your role models in the Hollywood movie industry?

My Hollywood role model is Mel Gibson.

As a growing-up lad, what was your ambition?

When I was growing up, my ambition is to be a professional footballer and a musician, I designed guitar and drums then and uses them to entertain my mum and our neighbours.

What are the most important life lessons you’ve learned?

Important life lessons I’ve learned are To be good with people you meet no matter who he or she is because the person may be your destiny helper, tomorrow and I’ve also learned to be contented

Some of your fans think you are a playboy, how would you describe your love life?

My love life can only be known by those who are close to me, I believe in love. And Christ orders us to love one another but not love of lust. The nature of my job makes one meet many boys and girls but the love and passion for the job makes us see ourselves as brothers and sisters unlike what people think and see from far

 What’s the name of your YouTube channel?

“Real zion Tv”

How do you think going online has helped Nigeria movie Industry?

Going online has helped Nigeria’s movie industry by making our films spread wide and quick to reach our  people in the diaspora and other countries.

One can create unique content and uploads it from your home without the stress of trying to get a marketer to market your films.

Do you have a political ambition?

I’ve got no political ambition

Can you give us names of five movie you acted in and that you played a lead role?

I am yet to play a lead role in any movie.

Have you had any embarrassing moment on or off the job?

No I’ve not gotten any embarrassing moment on, off my job.

How many awards to your credit?

I have 7 meritorious awards.

Give us some names, which of the awards do you think you appreciated more?

1: Heroes of CDGN

2: Best film producer and Director of the year 2020

3: The best creative movie director of the year 2021

4: Most encouraging director of the year 2019

5: Best nollywood producer / director 2018

The award I appreciated more is the heroes of CDGN

How can Nigerian movies get better, what do you think is lagging behind?

For Nigeria movies to get better, fund is needed and our movies are lagging because no enough platform to sell movies except YouTube which is a game of luck. Some good movies are taken to Tv channels and they’ll be there for months without being attended to, and this will affect the film producer and dim his hope of continuity

What’s your favourite food?

My favorite food is pounded yam and Okoro soup

Who is your favourite music artist?

My favorite music artist is the late Bob Marley.

Your best colour?

My best color is black

How do you relax after an hectic day’s job?

After a hectic work, my best way to relax is going close to nature like the beach or any recreation center with juice or fruits.