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EVAN OKORO: How I survived four-man attack


Nollywood bold and daring actress, and film producer, Evan Okoro, began her acting career quite early at the age of Fourteen, she gained stardom on the set of ‘Calculator’ with Nkem Owoh her sojourn in the movie industry has seen her crisscrossing over 50 movies.

The thespian was given birth to in Kotangora in Niger State an environment that made her to understand the Hausa Language.

Her parents hail from Imo State, Orlu Local Government Area precisely, she graduated from the prestigious University of Nigeria Nsuka (UNN) where she studied Marketing but over the years she has created a niche for herself in the movie industry as a film producer and as an actress that knows her onion on every given script.

Evan survived a physical attack by four men who trailed her down to her home from a supermarket, the assailants were grossly angered over the Delta State movie star movie, titled ‘BIGO MADNESS’ the movie starred Destiny Etiko and other notable actors, and it centres around a live streaming app which users were using to make money from sharing seductive and funny contents.

These four hefty men beat Evan mercilessly but fortunately, some motorcycle riders known as ‘okada-riders’ in her neighbourhood came to her rescue and her assailants fled, she was later taken to the Police station and logged in the incident and later got medical attention.

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The DPO angrily swung into action and threatened he was going to pick up some suspects.

After a couple of days, some people were sent to apologise stylishly telling her to forget about the case and also to bring down the movie, she responded with a resounding ‘no’ and stood her ground waiting to hear from Bigo App managers also to knows the pulse of the people over the app.

Evan Okoro on a norm produces over 10 movies yearly, she exhibited her epical dexterity in ‘Nganga’, ‘Love Shooter’, ‘Doctor Maria’, “Chioma The Village Terror’, ‘Caged in Between’, ‘Last Wish’, ‘Most Wanted Ladies’, ‘War Against Love’, ‘Royal Benefit’ and many more.

The face of boldness that stood by her decision took a few questions from OLUWADAMILARE DANIELS.


On the set of your next movie mention four favourite actors you may want to star on set?

I will like to work with Patra Eke, Black Boy, Destiny Etiko and I am looking forward to working with Fredrick Leonard.

There are some disturbing pictures that I saw after you acted Bigo Madness, what happened?

Bigo is an online App, where so many young unemployed youths are cashing-out, so as a producer and an actor I said, ‘ok why not make a movie about this App.’ So, I set up my crew and we got on location while the shooting progresses, some group of people called and demanded we stop the project.

I inquired to know their reasons. They said, “They don’t want the government to know about it,” (Bigo). So I said, no because I had already invested money in the movie production and the movie was not doing bad online.

This set of people reached out to Bigo App authority and hint them that I am trying to tarnish the image of the app.

My response was that they should calm down and wait to probably watch the movie before they draw their conclusion.

Surprisingly while I was coming back from the Supermarket, some guys trailed me down to my house, I don’t know how but suddenly they pounced on me and we began fighting.

One of them was shouting at me saying, ‘where is the hard drive of the movie!’, give it to me now!.

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How many were they?

Four of them, (Can you imagine?) Four hefty men, beat me mercilessly before some motorcycle riders (okada) came to my rescue.

Is the movie still up in the cloud?

Yes! They wanted me to cancel my project but it didn’t work, I thanked God that I survived the attack.

You started acting early, how did it begin?

I was in secondary school when I started acting.

How many awards do you have for your credits?

I’ve got one.

What’s the unusual part of you that people don’t know?

Well, I am an introvert; I don’t go out.

How do you handle a fan that wants a relationship, rather than remaining a fan?

Yea, you carry them along but don’t lead them on, so they won’t be expecting the undesirable.

A fan can have interest in me but if I don’t feel the same, I will say ‘no’ and let us just be friends.

Do you have any regret about your choosing career?

Of course no!

Apart from acting what else do you do?

Nothing else, acting and producing.

If not for acting what else would you have done better?

My brother what else? Ok, when I was in Lagos last three years, I would have loved to go into fashion and probably be running a clothing line.

Can you estimate your worth to be $2m dollars?

No! Them go cut my neck Oh!

What is the biggest risk you took to attain fame?

Me? Ok, producing a movie.

Was it the one that almost took your life or another one?

Before that, in 2014 as a producer, I invested N7m in a movie. That was the first time I invested money in a project. I was like Jesus, a big risk and that was my hard-earned.

So what are the four things you can’t do without?

I can’t do without my God, I can’t do without my career, my family and my phone.

Who are your favourite clothes designers… wrist watches and shoes?

I love Gucci a lot.

Who is your favourite actor or actress?

I love Frederick, I love Mercy Johnson.

Who is your role model on the international scene?

No, I don’t have anyone

Can you give relationship advice like the dos and don’ts in a relationship, is it good to have sexual intercourse before going into marriage proper?

Uhm, my advice is, my dear you need to know who you are dating. You need to know if he is capable of taking care of your needs…because you might marry a man that you don’t know.

When it is time to go to Church they will tell you ‘No! No! No!.’

I am not a Saint, you need to know what you are going in for sexually, it is very important.