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Peacemaker OGBENNA: I want Bolanle Ninalowo on my next movie

Dazzling August

An IMSU graduate of Biochem who graduated in 2009/2010 has created a niche for herself in the make-believe industry.

Peace Ogbenna otherwise known as Peacemaker is a choir member of Winners Chapel, popularly known as; (Living Faith Church Worldwide). 

She was a choir member between 2014 to 2019 before the exigencies of her acting career took her away.

The aka ‘Peacemaker’ cropped up due to her peaceful nature.

Peacemaker as she is fondly called is arguably one of Nollywood’s most creative actresses, hails from Odenkume village, in Obowo Local Government Area of Imo State, her city of birth.

The thespian attended Madonna Senior Secondary School for Science in Etiti Uboma, a boarding School, after her WASSCE she got admitted into Imo State University in Owerri, Imo State, where she studied Biochemistry.

The lead actress in ‘Kinshasa Island’ doesn’t fancy the intake of alcoholic drinks, she preferred to take wine when the occasion is ripe for it.

She has acted in; ‘Christmas in Obolo,’ ‘Kinshasa Island,’ ‘Ntiofoke’, ‘Onyeta Koko’ and a couple of other interesting flicks; her funny dexterity came to the fore particularly in Ndiofek, a comic movie when she played the most interesting character.

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She fielded a few questions from CREEKVIBES OLUWADAMILARE DANIELS.


What attracted you to the movie industry?

Well, I have always been the kind of person that loves acting, back then in Secondary School, there is no drama I don’t participate in because I have always loved acting.

The only thing that kept me away was a proper connection. So when I finally got the opportunity, I utilized it judiciously.

So, how many years in the movie industry?

Well, I joined the industry in 2013 but after a while, I left for some reasons but came back in 2017/2018 fully.

Have you done soup Opera?

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Not yet.

Did you practice as a biochemist before going into the movie industry; which one pays more, biochemist or acting?

Acting pays more if you have attained that height.

Presently my job pays most of my bills. Acting pays but then it doesn’t pay that much for me for now.

As an actress, I guess you are also open to modelling jobs?

Yes, of course, I also present for tv channels when contracted

Do you support actors joining politicians in campaigns?

Well, I won’t say I’m against it. If I am being honest no matter where you are, no matter the industry you belong to, if the country is in a shambles it will affect you.

There is a need for everybody to come together and vote for the right person.

Of course, you can’t tell people whom to support, they make their choices.

In another five years, where will you be?

I will be one of the most wanted actresses in the industry with my channel running as a producer.

As a producer, can you mention the names of five actors that will make it to your next movie?

Wow! Wow!!, well, I love Ruth Kadiri, I don’t know why. So don’t ask me why. I want her to play a role in my next movie, I want Bolanle Ninalowo, I have a story am working on that needs his character. Then Jibola Dabo, Vampire, a man I duff my hat for, Frederick Leonard, for sure I’ll want to pair with him.

So, can you tell us about the unusual part of you?

Wow, unusual part of me?

Can you give me a hint?

Maybe you love going to parties or something weird.

Honestly, I don’t know if I have a life outside my job, or my career.

Don’t you take alcohol; beer or wine?

I take wine, I don’t take beer beside the occasion must call for it before I can wine, perhaps friends came around, but I hardly drink when there is nothing to celebrate.

How soon should your fans be expecting your wedding invite or are you married?

No!, I’m not married, and I can’t talk about it.

How do you mean, is there no serious relationship?

I wouldn’t want to talk about that for now.

For a fan that wants a relationship, how do you ward them off?

They are your fans, if they are not there, there might not be you, so you have to be very careful.

How do you ward them off?                    

Sometimes, I tell them am in a relationship, so they don’t feel offended.

Can you tell us about five things you cannot do without?

Of course, nobody can do without God first, then money, you can’t live without it. Love is important, having the right people around you.

What is the most troubling moment you have ever gotten yourself into?

Uh Wow! …When I lost someone’s money. I can’t believe I just said this.

How did it happen?

I was duped.

By money doublers, how did it happen?

I went into a business, I invested money…

Is it an ordinary business or has someone introduced you to it?

Importation! I did stake money to import a car with some gadgets in it? Then after payment, there was nothing, after a month the stuff was not delivered, and that was it, I also spent someone else’s money kept in my custody to facilitate the importation.

Like how much?

It was over a million naira.

Hope the person did not stand on your neck for a refund.

Ah! He did oh. I had to pay it back. He was mad at me. That’s the worst experience, I have had in my life.

For a young girl trying to start a relationship, when do you think she should lose her virginity?

Uhm! Do you want me to speak from my perspective or speak from a general note?

No!, speak from your perspective.

Ok, I think from my experience so far yea, it doesn’t even pay to be honest. I am saying this because I have been in a couple of relationships. So if I knew what I know now, I wouldn’t have done it, because I didn’t even see the gain.

There is no gain. If you can keep yourself, then I think it’s best Ok?

It takes two to tangle, they say, even if you have not done it you might be having the urge for the experience, don’t you think so?

That’s the power when you now experience it, you will realize that there is nothing special about it.

Sometimes is not even about the craven. The question is, ‘are you with someone that you understand?’ Sometimes love is not enough. Some people don’t understand when they say they are in love. ‘LOVE’ is a big word that people do not know, they have not digested it at all. You might be with somebody and you think you are in love but, there is no understanding; no support, and no communication, relationship that lacks all of these will break.

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At this stage all they see is love, ‘I am in love’ leads them into this mess…

The message is love is not enough, there should be understanding, communication and commitments.

For a young adult at what age is she supposed to lose her virginity; can you advise?

Yes, I can.

That question is hard though it sounds simple, it is not simple, it is sensitive. Ok Well, if you are up to 18 years old, you are an adult, you can make your own decision. I can’t advise them when to lose their ‘s’ Better still, If she can wait till she gets married fine, it is her choice.

As a growing child, what pranks did you play?

I was always sick when they asked me to go to the kitchen.

So, how were you able to manoeuvre not going into the kitchen?

I had other things I was good at, not that I don’t cook, but then going to the kitchen was like a punishment for me.

Mummy does all the cooking and you enjoy the meal?

No!, mummy doesn’t. Mummy was very strict; she stopped entering the kitchen when we were very tender. My immediate older sister took over the kitchen.

So she will always do the cooking then, while I do the cleaning of the house. I just love seeing everywhere looking clean.

Well, it is interesting; do have a great day.


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