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Welcome to the world… Tori Roloff give birth to 3rd baby

The couple welcomed son Josiah in April and chose not to learn the sex of their little one before he was born. “I wait out here while she gets her epidural, and then I’ll go in there and find out we have a healthy baby and we’ll find out the gender,” Zach, 32, says in Us Weekly‘s exclusive clip of the Tuesday, November 1, episode of Little People, Big World. “We’ll be a party of five.”

TLC crew members weren’t present at the hospital when Tori, 31, went into labor. However, Zach used his own camera to capture the sweet footage from a unique perspective.

In the up-close-and-personal video, Tori is seen laying on her back in the delivery room as nurses coach her through the process. “We’re so close!” one staffer says as the Oregon native looks toward her husband for support.

After joking about feeling like “the bed moved,” Tori winces. Another medical expert announces, “That was a head up there, not a butt! This one’s breech.”

The photographer gasps and says, “Oh, really? It turned then.” She goes on to explain to Zach that a baby that’s breech is “upside down” in the womb.

When the reality stars meet their newborn, they learn he’s a little boy — and Tori becomes visibly emotional. “We were pretty stoked,” she says in a confessional alongside her spouse. “We were trying to be chill but, like, I started crying.”

The twosome, who have been married since 2015, are also the parents of son Jackson, 5, and daughter Lilah, 2. Tori announced in November 2021 that the couple were expanding their family after previously suffering a miscarriage, gushing via Instagram, “Baby Roloff will be joining us this spring and we are so grateful to God for this sweet gift!”

At the time, the TLC personality confessed to her social media followers that she was “extremely anxious” about the possibility of another pregnancy loss. Weeks before giving birth to Josiah, Tori marked the one-year anniversary of her miscarriage.

“I still haven’t fully recovered from that experience, and to be honest, I don’t know that I ever will,” she captioned a black-and-white Instagram photo in March, describing the loss as the “hardest thing [she’s] ever had to face” with Zach. “I really could not have gotten through it without God’s promise, or my husband and kids. … I am so grateful for God’s goodness and the gift we’ve been given after such a time of grief. I’ve been so much more appreciative of the aches and pains of pregnancy because I’ve realize[d] just how much of a gift it truly is.”

Little People, Big World returns to TLC Tuesday, November 1, at 9 p.m. ET.