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(Video) Ify Eze: Agbomma The Phyton… a goddess in disguise

After watching Agbomma The Phyton, a thriller movie produced by Ify Eze and directed by Ezendigbo it will knock into your subconscious that the era in which women are relegated to the role of damsels and side chics is over.

Nollywood damsel, Ify Eze gave insight on what propagated the direction of her new movie, according to the producer of Agbomma The Phyton. The storyline has to do with her while in Imo State, Oru-East Secretariat zone, where she hails from, her community is called Amaagu, where the forefather of the land are ophiophilists.

Dazzling August

The indigenes of Amaagu are lovers of Phytons, normally it pays obeisant when someone gives birth to a child, while Ify Eze was a little girl, she experienced some weird scenarios of Pyhton visit which guided her latest thriller ‘Agbomma The Python.’

The Python does not harm those with good intentions but goes after the wicked people; those whose hands are filthy within the community, she is a goddess in disguise that came to save not to destroy, the name Agbomma was derived from Agboruomma which literary means a lineage of beauty coupled with purity.

Once a child is born the Python visits harmlessly so anybody around will pour dusting powder on it, sometimes when evil luck, the snake visits all they need do is to put a piece of stick down it will wrap itself around it and with the stick, the snake will be taken to the bush to let go.

The snake visit scenes were still fresh in her memory.

People take those myths with a pinch of salt while undermining the fact that they happened in the past.

Ify attended Urban Primary School Orlu, and had her secondary school education at St.Maria Goretti Girls’ Secondary School Umudioka, Orlu in Imo State, she studied Economics at the University of Nigeria, (UNN).

While in secondary school she participated in almost all school dramas with the school’s theatre group it goes on and on until she got into Nollywood, according to her, she derives joy in acting, and when she graduated she worked for a while in Abuja as an accountant with ULO a construction company just to have the flare of an office working environment but couldn’t resist the beckons of her first love, Nollywood, she carved in 2016 and she has consistently soared higher.

She countered the opinion of rumour mongers, who assumed you must sleep with all directors before you get a lead role in movies, she said, “If you are an adult in the industry don’t show desperation once desperation sets in you fall prey it happens in other industries too.

If everybody in the industry will sleep with the director before getting a role who will play the role, how many people will the director sleep with?”

She took some questions from CREEKVIBES OLUDANIELS.


How old were you, when you first saw a Python?

I could remember while growing up at age 10, we were in the village and my dad decided to farm around the deity passage, he was told to avoid that path that leads to the shrine but as Christians, we don’t believe in such fables.

He farmed on the path that leads to the Python deity’s shrine and we left.

In a couple of days we had a Python infestation while sleeping I will feel something cold on my leg, and when I opened my eyes I will see a Phyton, they won’t hurt but it scares, all nook and cranny of our apartment were littered with different sizes of Pythons, there was a day my dad was driving and he saw one on his lap he screamed and almost had an accident, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back, my dad went and cleared the footpath that leads to the deity’s shrine and all the nooks and crannies of our apartment became free of reptiles.

That was what prompted my idea of ‘Agbomma The Python’  and with the assistance of my able director Ezendigbo who also knew about the myth of those Phytons brought his ideas on board and we produced and directed a fantastic movie.

When the snake was hung on you, how did you feel?

It wasn’t an easy task that clips you saw took me hours to monster courage to carry that Phyton.

Did you take any antidote should in case the snake strikes?

I did not o! Before he wore me the snake while telling me it is not harmful the snake bit him and there was bloodletting but he has an antidote anyways so he wasn’t bordered.

The man that brought the snake, does he deals with snakes?

He has a training bed for them, he said, ‘when the snake is on your body it only moves it won’t bite, it can only strike when it notices danger.’

How long did it take you to acclimatize to the snake tutor?

Within a few hours, but the truth is that it wasn’t easy to have worn it.

What is the secret of your achievement in the movie industry?

I will say it is grace o, I can’t say I work too hard or I am the best, also I can’t say I am too special, though there could be a special thing about me that others do not have, every actor has his or her peculiar characters with which they use to interpret any given script, so I interpret scripts base on who I am.

All I have achieved within and outside the industry is by His grace.

The music video of ‘Agbomma The Python’ is out on my Youtube channel, Ifyeze NollyTv, while the movie is yet to be released.

Can you give five names of your recent movies?

Bury me, Royal Crime, My fathers Bond, The Emperor, Sweeter than Love.

What can you tell an aspiring actor?

As an adult you should know what you want, whenever a story is written, the writer has a character in mind once you suit the character you will be sort after, so my advice to an aspiring actor is to be good at what he does like the saying goes ‘practice makes perfection.’

I soliloquize like I’m nut while practising to enter the characters on my script in front of my mirror at home, and also patience and consistency matter a lot, once you are not available producers/directors won’t wait for you.

Five names of actors that will suit your next movie?

Nosa Rex has a space in my next movie, Chikamso Ozonigbo and a couple of them.

Five things you can’t do without?

God, number two my phone, sometime you would’ve finished clutching the phone before you go for morning prayer, money and I love travelling, I’ve gone to about four countries aside from African countries.