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MrMacaroni Throws Weight Behind Peter Obi’s Labour

DeboAdedayo Mr Macaroni

Nigeria’s skit maker, content creator, and self-acclaimed citizen activist, Adebowale Adedayo, popularly known as Mr. Macaroni, has thrown his weight behind the presidential flag bearer of the Labour Party, Peter Obi.

In the tweet, the content creator said,  “I do not and will not campaign for Politicians. I cannot force or beg any Nigerian to vote for a particular candidate but come 2023, the person that I will cast my vote for is Peter Obi!!

And that is final on this matter!!

Enough is Enough!!!”

In another tweet, he demanded apology from APC Youth Leader that said, Nigerians has no choice but to vote for APC, he wrote, “The effrontery the APC Youth Leader has to come and tell Nigerians that they do not have a choice in Elections? What sort of arrogant stupidity is that? Is this the plan of APC?? To force themselves on the People??? You can’t kill all of us!! The people will reject tyranny!!!”

Read tweets below;