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(Video) Ash Mushy: Expect my wedding invite this year

… I maintain my accentuating beauty with money

Amarachi Amusi popularly Known as Ash mushy is a beautiful and popular social media influencer. The Madonna University graduate was given birth to on the 20th of February, 1995 in Lagos.

She is an indigene of Enugu State in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria.

Since she mounted the Tiger’s back in 2018 as a skit maker and as a content creator fortune has not stopped smiling at her.

The accentuating beauty will stop at nothing to achieve perfection as she occasionally invites celebrities to feature in her skit flicks.

Asides from acting and comedy skit-making, the paragon of beauty owns an online store where she sells varieties of a weave on and wigs including other fashion items.

The CEO of Ash mushy Empire and Ash Mushy Hair outfit started her secondary school at Good Learning School in Gbagada, Lagos State and concluded it at Federal Government College, Enugu State before proceeding to Madonna University in Elele where she came out with flying colours in 2016.

The DramaQueen’s skit-making career has demonstrated her versatility and she impresses both her critics and audience.

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The witty actress opens up on her wedding plans while fielding questions from CREEKVIBES OLUWADAMILARE DANIELS, enjoy excerpts;

Do you agree with the online assumption of your worth, to be 400,000 dollars?

First of all, what is the conversion of that in Nigeria, (laughter) if they think so, let it be.

When your newly acquired 10 million SUV car generated controversies on social media, how did you feel?

Hmmm, I didn’t feel bad, I like the car so I saved for it and eventually bought it, I am happy and I felt accomplished, what they were saying was out of envy or hate, and that does not change the colour of my car.

Your mum or dad who do you look like?

I look like my mum.

What is the secret of your accentuating beauty?

I maintain my beauty with money, I eat well and I’m comfortable; I take good care of myself.

What prompted your idea of skit-making and acting?

It wasn’t necessarily acting, it was me wanting to be an actress and having the talents and wanting to push it out there, it all started in 2018, I had to push out what I have, So, I am generally a skit maker and a content creator, some of my skits are emotional while some are tragic, it all falls under comedy and they are all generally accepted.

What inspires your kind of comedy?

As I said earlier, my acting passion and talent inspire what I produce.

Are you also planning to start movie production someday?

Most especially if I am not married I will produce my movies.

When should your fans be expecting your wedding invites?

My wedding invite should be by God’s grace this year, (laughter).

What is the uncommon part of you that people don’t know?

I am a very serious-minded businesswoman and when I am working I dedicate my time and I don’t play.

Have you got any scandals?

I don’t know what you call scandal, I have been dragged on blogs; I have trended I don’t think those are scandals but whatever it is, it gives me good publicity.

So, what do you think is the best way to handle such online dragging?

Hmmm, just laugh at the comments and ignore the ones you need to ignore and move on because whatever they give you, they are pushing you up there; giving you more publicity and making you more famous and if you are good you are not fiddling you should know that more fame is more money.

Have you experienced a close-to-death experience?

Yes, I have.

How did it happen, and where?

When we were shooting content I almost drowned, around Takwa Bay.

What is the best gift you have ever been given?

The best gift I gift to myself is my company.

Do you plan to run an NGO?

Not yet.

Have you any awards to your credit?

Yes, I have a couple of them.


Golden Star Award, Best Female Skit Maker of The Year, Best Influencer of The Year. Icon Noble Award and another one I can’t remember the name of one, I have about five of them.

How do you relate with male fans that want a relationship instead of remaining a fan?

I ignore it most time because I am very busy.

Can you tell us a little about growing up?

I grew up with my family we were not rich and not so poor, it was a Christian home my mum hustled hard to train us the right way, I was very ambitious and persistent I knew what I want to be so I pushed for it, I also do well in everything I did, from business to career and acting.

A word for your fans?

I love you so much, thank you for taking me to where I am today, no matter what keep pushing so we can keep going higher.


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