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Fowosere: Obesere is a legend

 Honourable Egungbohun Suleiman Olayemi, popularly known as Fowere, Akeweje of Ipaja Land, a chieftaincy title conferred on him by Kabiyesi Agba Kolawole Ajani Egundupe Ilufemiloye 1 of Iyana Ipaja Kingdom, ‘Kabiyesi o.’

He attended Saint Andrew Anglican Primary School and proceeded to Community Grammar School; he has a degree from Lagos State University (LASU).

He is the MD/CEO of Suyem an associate currently dealing in land acquisition/properties business.

He is the youngest ward chairman in the whole of Alimosho Local Government which has 36 wards, Fowere as he is fondly called is the chairman of Ward ‘D’ Ayobo Ipaja Alimosho.

He fielded a few questions from Creekvibes Oluwadamilare Daniels. Excerpts;

Can you tell us a brief history of the Sidophobia Fans Club?

Sidophobia! Success! Sidophobia! Progress!

It is a pleasure to give an insight into this prestigious club that has turned 16 years, we give thanks to God for His guidance upon every member and their households, our profound greeting goes to Agbaakin Bobagunwa of Yoruba Land, Alhaji Abass Akande Obeserese, I also appreciate my bonafide childhood friend, Olumide Orogunle who brought the idea 18 years ago while we were lads.

Olumide likes Obesere to a fault, to be candid as at then I like Wasiu Ayinde and Fela we also had a friend that liked Pasuma.

So he nurtured the idea of creating a fans club for Obesere, fortunately, Orogunle succeeded 16 years ago and here we are today celebrating the 16th Sidophobia Fans Club Anniversary.

The enchantment of Sidophobia Alimosho chapter’s anniversary transcended other chapters’ celebrations, during one of our anniversaries Alhaji Obesere was overwhelmed, he took over the microphone and appreciated the unity and corporation of our chapter.

He was delighted we celebrated him in that manner, Obesere is a legend I think you should know that.

Don’t you think Sidophobia Fans club will be hijacked by politicians for selfish benefit?

That would have happened long ago, but we the executive members did not allow that, we stand with our members we have APGA, PDP and APC members within the fans club.

Do you mean Sidophobia is not restricted to APC members alone?

Sure PDP invites Alhaji Obesere for shows, APC does too. Thanks to Orogunle the wise one who started the club gradually with 6 members, we thank God the club has snowballed into 150 members and still counting.

What do you want people to know about Sidophobia Fans Club?

It is a long story before we chose ‘Sidophobia’ as our name, in the beginning, we had different clubs such as; Ologbojo, Elewele, Agbaakin, Obesere Fans Club and Omootin so a couple of years back we resolved that we all should come under one umbrella since our goals are one.

So we gathered at Agbaakin’s place he spoke with everyone, it wasn’t an easy task but in the end, everyone agreed with Alhaji Obesere and all other names were dished and we came under one umbrella as Sidophobi Fans Club.