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Francis Bartholomew Chima (Omo barca)… a Philanthropist Bold Step Into Politics

BY Alphonsus  N  EFFI

Politics they say, it’s the science of managing/administering the resources of a state amicably to ensure equitable development and progress on every ramification without any rancour, this and many other definitions of the science according to reputable political scientists today and in the days of yore.

There is much to desire about the candidacy of the People’s Democratic Party, Mr Francis Bartholomew Chima, a philanthropist representing AjeromiIfelodun constituency, in the forthcoming Local Government Elections, come 2023.

Mr Francis is otherwise known as “Omobarca”, due to his unflinching loyalty and admiration of the popular F.C Barcelona of Spain where the famous football maestro, Lionel Messi, Romario, Juan Cruff, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Ibrahimovich and other loud great footballers exhibited their prowess in the round leather game.

A great grassroots defender, Mr Francis Chima after leaving school delved into the Maritime sector where he successfully built a niche for himself, he is the MD/CEO of CHIMFRANCEE Ventures, a fast-growing maritime initiative that has succeeded in providing jobs for teaming unemployed youths in the country, especially residents in Ajegunle, AjeromiIfelodun areas and its environs, his philanthropic assistance cuts across all age brackets, including picking up of bills of stranded patients in clinics.

His ardent benevolence to all and sundry motivated his interest and he obeyed the clarion call by the large majority of the people of Ajegunle and its environs, among others to willingly and ultimately solicit for his interest/indulgence to venture into politics and provide the necessary succour to the masses of his constituency, especially in the sector of provision of necessary infrastructure and welfare packages that will further enhance the growth and development of Ajegunle inhabitants.

Omo Barca has ventured into salient areas of youth empowerment in Ajegunle by promoting footballers and musicians for further development and growth, perfect examples, are individuals like the famous “fletcher man”, a household musician from the sub hub who has gained fame as a result of the prominent Midas-touch of Omo Barca who financed and promoted his music career.

It is as a result of this natural tendency for the development and promotion of human capacity, that engender the majority of the inhabitants of Ajegunle and Nigerian start yearning for Omo Barca to come in and contest for the position of the electoral office under the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Invariably, it is evident to enthuse here that Mr Chima’s work ethic and necessary embracement have no ethnic or sentimental bias. He is a true philanthropist/ politician, whose penchant call for work and favours knows no ethnic corridor, he deals with all and sundry as a human being first before your ethnicity and nationality.

He is a patriotic nationalist, who has all the necessary qualities to bring Ajegunle{Ajeromi Ifelodun L.G.A } to her necessary apogee if given the necessary mandate to develop under his auspecies.