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Sanwo-Olu promises speedy justice for slain lawyer, Bolanle

Governor Babajide Sanwo Olu

Lagos State governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu has promised to ensure speedy justice for the murder of the pregnant Lawyer killed by a trigger-happy Policeman.

Recalled that, Mrs. Bolanle Raheem was killed by a trigger-happy policeman on Christmas Day in Ajah. The injustice was carried out by a superintendent of Police (ASP) known as Ayuba, attached to the Ajah Division.

It was also discovered that Mrs. Bolanle Raheem was pregnant, after waiting for the fruit of the womb for 8 years.

In reaction to her death, the Governor of Lagos State, Babjide Sanwo-Olu has ensured that speedy justice will be carried out. He also pappealed to the public to remain calm.

Sanwo-Olu wrote:

“With utter shock and sadness, I received the news of the mindless shooting of a citizen by a police officer whose primary job function was to protect the same citizen.

I hereby sympathize with the family, friends, and associates of the late Bolanle Raheem.

I am therefore assuring everyone of the State Government’s full support and cooperation with the police authorities in their investigation to unravel the remote and immediate cause of the shooting, that led to Bolanle’s untimely death, with a view to ensuring that justice is served.

I have studied preliminary reports on the matter and have instructed the appropriate Government officers to immediately get on it. We must ensure speedy justice for the late Bolanle. Our Government cannot sit back and watch our citizens killed by the same law enforcers that should ordinarily protect them.

I’m aware that the Lagos State police command has arrested, disarmed, and detained the police officers involved in the shooting incident. I can assure you that the accused persons will have their day in court, and nothing will be spared under the Laws of Lagos State until justice is served adequately. We will ensure that it is done speedily because justice delayed is justice denied.

I would also appeal to residents to remain calm and not take the law into their hands on the matter, the State Government will live up to her responsibilities and get justice for the late Bolanle Raheem.”

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