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Hon Amb Buzopat installed Diamond daughter of Umunjiokwu

Whatever you do in life be an example that begins from home, be a light that shines from within, be a voice that is heard from afar and in your kindred. This is the life of Hon. Amb Chibuzo Patrick Osigwe née Mbaso was honoured and decorated by her people again. She was installed as the DIAMOND DAUGHTER OF UMUNJIOKWU. What an honour so deserving, and so amazing.

When learned about this, we said that the world must hear this because when you have someone you love writing about and the person is always in the news for the right reasons you will be proud.

Hon. Amb Chibuzo Patrick Osigwe is highly celebrated by her peers and people all over who value her style of vision, fusion, and an Ambassadorial brand. She has a name everyone wants to reckon with, she is a sort-after motivational speaker, and a role model and her master acumen is known to all and sundry. Buzopat is an iconic image, a principled, firm, and passionate soul whose life has raised the bar for Nigerian women, youths, and the Less privileged in general.

She is a leader of opinion and an idol, very enviable, amiable, and have a dogged, mugged, and rugged personality.

Do you know what it means to be installed the DIAMOND DAUGHTER BY YOUR COMMUNITY?

Chibuzo is a woman of honor, greatness, substance, and impeccable integrity and is gifted by nature 💓, Chibuzo is hands-on and committed to good causes, She had the gumption to stand up to the men in grey suits and help others selflessly.

Buzopat has received almost 130 awards both internationally and in all nooks and crannies of this Country like Adadioranma, African Patriotic Amazon, Real Humanitarian Duchess, Voice of change, Authentic leader, Face of Humanity, Woman of substance, Purpose Driven Amazon, Game changer.

We won’t be tired of saying congratulations to you and praying that the good Lord blesses you, strengthen you, give you grace and favor, above all provide you with committed partners who will love the selfless work you do through your NGO and willingly support you to keep the flag flying.


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