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(Video) Juliet Ekeson: My butt is natural, not artificial

Juliet Ekeson caught in between the fifth zodiac sign (Leo), born August 13th, a few decades ago, the beautiful screen diva is a graduate of the University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) with a Bachelor’s degree in Geology.

The Asaba-based Nollywood actress was the winner of Empire VIP House on Wheels Reality TV Show, a programme orchestrated by Dickson Aligbe, a US-based Nigerian, to promote careers of young Nigerians who are into entertainment, entrepreneurship to foster and empower the winner to build a strong brand for future development.

As the winner among the 20 housemates after the rigorous 30 days contest, she tucked in her pouch a cheque of five million Naira and took home an SUV car worth N10 million.

She also enjoyed all paid expenses trip to Dubai, in the UAE.

The natural endowered screen diva mounted the tiger’s back since 2012, un-regrettably she has been featured in blockbusters such as; ‘Bag of Dollars’, ‘God of Liberation’, ‘Against her Will’, ‘Dangerous Love’, ‘Tears of the Rich,’ ‘Happy Survival’, ‘My husband my Everything’ and a couple of other flicks.

The beautiful thespian cleared the air when she said, “It was Princess Juliet, later coined to Princess J, my father was not a king nor a prince before his demise, my fan started calling me Princess J, while I was in the secondary school perhaps because the way I use to dress back then, so I added it up.”

Prince J has amazed many with her impeccable display of imbuing acting talents while playing the lead on the sets of ‘Milla’, ‘Bag of Dollars’, ‘Fairytale’, and  ‘God of Libration’.

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The action-filled thespian took some questions from CREEKVIBES OLUWADAMILARE DANIELS. Excerpts;

Which of your movies did you give your best?

Most of my movies got my best, I think on the set of ‘My Husband my Everything’, ‘Bag of Dollars’ I did well and also on the set of ‘God of Libration’, I acted alongside Chioma Chukwuka and Ebele Okaro. I shone like a million bubbles on the set of ‘Mila’, I really can’t remember a lot of them, presently my hands are full.

These are just recent movies, I can’t remember the old ones, ‘God of Libration’ revolves around a poor woman interesting my mother in the movie, so she decided to go to the city to get stuff done so her family can be comfortable and so on, it unfolds interesting flicks go and watch it.

As a grown-up pretty girl what was your ambition?

I had always wanted to be an actor and an entrepreneur, but my mother was not going in that direction, she wanted me to be a Geologist, so right now, I am a graduate Geologist to the glory of God.

Stepping into the movie industry was a dream come true; it is where I had always wanted to be, I am a professional actor, and a producer, so I no longer talk Geology.

My hands are full right now because I have clients’ movies under the auspices of my production outfit.

How many movies have you produced so far?

About three of them, and others are still going through the usual incubating stages.

With your accentuating beauty was there any butt enlargement/Liposuction?

No o! never!

Was it natural, can we say that your mum gave that to you?

Not my mum, God gave that to me through my mum.

My butt is natural, not artificial, I had it right from my birth, and I give God the glory.

With your very busy schedule, how do you meet up in your relationship obligations?

I don’t let my profession affects my relationship, and again my man is not around now so it gives me the avenue to display my dexterity in my chosen career which is my priority now, so whenever I am like, I want to have some ‘catch some fun’ I jet out of the country and catch as much fun as I wanted and then fly back and continue my work from where I stopped.

Ekeson Sm

There is always room to cup my relationship and another to discharge my profession.

Any plan to relocate out of the country?

One will say with the way things are going right now, one might be tempted to ‘Japa’ (general laughter). There is no place like home, Nigeria will be better someday.

I only travelled and come back, but to ‘Japa,’ hell no.

Will you want to be in the BBNaija Tv reality show?

As you all know that I won the Empire VIP House on Wheels Reality TV Show, but I am hoping to be in BBNaija house, I applied for the one before, and this recent one, I got some points, I was on a high stage but communication was cut abruptly, anyways hope not lost.

 I believe when it is your time nothing will stop you, I will also apply for the next season.

Can you give tips on a healthy relationship?

Hmmm, some of the tips I can give are these; never put up your relationship on social media, and don’t upload your family details as well, for instance, no one knows my man except my sibling and parents. If there is a quarrel no one knows, once you make your relationship a social media affair you have already given room for criticism, so once you started deleting pictures or un-follow one another you will be given out by the social media and fans will pinch holes that it is no longer rosy. 

As a public servant, I’ll advise you to put off your relationship from social media platforms, it is safe and better, and it protects relationships.

Can you mention the names of five favourite actors that may be featured in your next movie?

I have worked with virtually all the major actors that I had wanted to act with, who will I mention now? (laughs)

Mercy Johnson, Chacha Eke, there is this beautiful Yoruba actress, Bimbo Ademoye she is humorous; I like her a lot, Ramsey Noah, Yul Edochie although, I have acted alongside Yul before, I just like him, all these actors, I love the vibes with which they interpret their scripts, I have a lot of favourite actors but because you said, I should mention only five, that is why I pegged it at that.

I act with a passion that is exactly how those actors I mentioned do, and that is why I love them, give them any script they will murder it, once I hear ‘action’ just clear the road for me; I no dey see you again until I hear ‘cut’, before returning to my normal self, my colleagues often say ‘Ekeson what is wrong with you, you act like say tomorrow no dey, who you want thrash for here’ we will all laugh and move on.

Just like the way, I acted with Ebere in one of my flicks, fans were asking me: ‘mama are you sure you are not quarrelling with this person in real life’ if you read the comment section after I uploaded the movie clip, you will be amazed.

Can you tell us a little about growing up?

We were born out of a silver spoon, when my dad died my mum took the saddle of upkeep when we were still very young that is one of the reasons I don’t play with my mum, I ensure she does not lack anything because she took good care of us, she sacrificed a lot to make sure we were all schooled.  Generally, it wasn’t rosy but, I thank God.

Can we estimate your worth to be Ten million Dollars?

Laughter please let’s leave that I can’t shout, please leave me alone ooo, (general laughter)

What is the biggest risk you took to attain fame?

Passion, my ‘never give up attitude’, I have fallen severally but I did not allow that to deter me and again I don’t joke with my prayers even if I am on set and it is time to observe my prayers I will drop everything and get down on my knees to pray, If not for God, I don’t know where I will be now.

Your favourite music artist?

At the moment na breeze they blow.

Which breeze is currently blowing you now?

Na Asake breeze they blow me now.


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