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(Video) Woman kicked out of aircraft for insulting air hostess

A woman has dearly paid the prize of insulting a fellow woman, a woman yet to be identified has been kicked out of an Abuja-bound flight for allegedly being disrespectful to an air hostess

Footage currently making the trend on social media reveals the moment security officials walked the said woman off an Abuja-bound aircraft.

The person who shared the video claimed that the lady had acted in an unruly manner toward the air hostess, resulting in her being asked to disembark from the aircraft. It remains unclear what the exact behavior was that led to this action being taken.

The incident caused a stir amongst the other passengers on the flight, who expressed their anger towards the woman as she was being escorted off the plane by airport security.

Despite this, the reason behind her behavior and the subsequent action taken against her remain unknown.

While it is important to maintain order and safety on board an aircraft, it is also crucial to respect the rights and dignity of passengers.