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Nigerian lady recounts how she asked Marcelo ‘who he is?’

A Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter to narrate how she met former Real Madrid star and Brazilian football legend, Marcelo, without knowing who he is.

Nigerian lady hilariously recounts how she met Marcelo without knowing who he is

According to @OreluwainBrazil, she met the footballer while at a Brazilian mall for movies. She said she ran towards him for a photograph after seeing others do the same.

While trying to get a photo with him, she hilariously asked him for his name. The Nigerian lady further apologized to Marcelo and his fans for coming to Twitter to ask who he is.

She tweeted;

“I met a celebrity and I had no clue in the world who he is. I just went to take pictures because people were crowding him. I have never watched football in my life. How would I have known?

“HOW DID I MEET MARCELO WITHOUT KNOWING HE WAS MARCELO?? I went to the mall to see a movie, I went with my sister @hannexe but we separated because we saw different movies. Before my movie time I went to get yogurt and walked around the mall.

Nigerian lady hilariously recounts how she met Marcelo without knowing who he is

“I said “Wuraola” he replied with “Uh ohlaolala”. We laughed, I said nice to “meet you, bye”, collected my phone from his bodyguard only to realise that we didn’t take proper posing pictures. The guard took pictures of us talking instead

“For context….. I honestly had no IDEA I was asking a legend @MarceloM12 “what is your name” . Can someone please rewind yesterday for me.

“I just nonchalantly sat down with my ignorant butt filming them asking myself “who is he”? I don’t know what made me stand up to meet him that uncle lets take a selfie too.

“I almost deleted the pictures because we didn’t pose , just talking. I didn’t know some of you wouldn’t even mind I posted it here to ask “who is he” Let me apologise to @MarceloM12 and all his fans, I’m sorry  next time I meet him I promise to represent you all WELL.”