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(Video) Esther Sky: I am A Love Child

Nwachukwu Ifeoma Esther, popularly known as Esther Sky, is a beautiful Nollywood actress, her maternal home is Umudim in Ikeduru Local Government Area of Imo State, although her paternal home is Cross Rivers State but the whereabouts of her father is yet unknown.

he thespian understands a little bit of the Hausa language, Igbo, Yoruba and English language which is her Lingua franca, she started going for auditions as far back as 2009 and she has been featured in some movies in 2011 through the help of Chris Onyeso Production, between 2012 and 2013 she worked with The Maxi Production, according to her, she stepped aside from acting due to her inability to raise funds to buy her way unto movie scenes, besides she wasn’t ready to concede to bed warming advances from movie big wigs.

She has travelled to Cyprus and later to Kenya but home, sweet home beckons on her, and she returned to Nigeria, she has been attempting the auditioning of Big Brother Naija since 2018, on several attempts, she got to the last stage but did not scale through.

She has also visited Ethiopia, and according to the thespian: Traveling is quite expensive, but with your money, you will enjoy your visit to any country of choice around the World.

Creek Dazzling 24

She attended Aguda Grammar School in Surulere and studied Mass Communication at the Lagos Polytechnic she possesses a B.Sc in Business Admin from the Ago-Iwoye Citadel of learning, Olabisi Onabanjo University.

She is a ‘choko person’ but has not been fortunate to fit into a lead character in any movie, this setback has made her strive frantically to put her resources together to shoot her movie. According to the lovely actress, I don’t smoke but drink and groove occasionally.

Her mother who thought she had passed on reunited with her after a long period with a kidney ailment.

Creekvibes OLUWADAMILARE DANIELS asked when specifically will she want to settle down, her response was quite shocking, when she said; Haaaaa ‘wedding? No, I am not even in a relationship talkless of a wedding. Creekvibes probes further by asking her if the opposite sex is not coming to woo her, or if she is the one that does not want to fall for their pranks, her response was a little bit encouraging, when she said, ‘They are coming, but the majority of them are judging me base on what I say online, they literarily assume I am what I say on social media.

She took a few questions from Creekvibes OLUWADAMILARE DANIELS. Excerpts;

What kind of person are you behind closed doors?

I am an indoor person I don’t talk and being the only child of my mother, I don’t do parties.

What is the most cherished part of your body?

I don’t have, am just there.

Can you give relationship tips?

Someone that is not in a relationship cannot advise someone on a relationship.

Even though you are not in, you can give tips based on personal experience.

Before you fall for a guy you have to be hardworking and have something tangible in your account, don’t go into a relationship with a guy as a broke lady, ensure you’ve got some digits in your account.

Having something in your account as a lady, how much are we looking at?

It depends on the calibre of the lady, you should have a million and above.

How often is advised for a lady to have intercourse with her boyfriend yet unmarried?

As a man, you need to have sex with your girlfriend so that she will know your capability before going into marriage properly.

How many times is it advisable within a month?

It depends on the guy’s schedule; I think two or three times a month will be fine.

As a growing-up child has anyone tried to take advantage of you?


How did it happen?

My sister’s husband, that was when my mother had issues and left me with our sister in Surulere, after my Junior WAEC her husband try to have me, but it wasn’t working, he tried it again like a rape but he couldn’t penetrate, so I had to speak out which did not augur well with my aunt and she send me out.

When you were chased out where did you go, as a little pretty girl?

I started to hawk pure water and usually pass the night at Ikeja under the bridge.

Under the bridge, for how long?

Close to a year, I was a regular at Ipodo market running errands for some of the market women there, then they will give me stipends later a woman permitted me to be passing the night at her shop.

Did your foster parents and mother not look for you?

I was nowhere to be found, my aunty beat the hell out of me; tore my clothes and threw me out.

Later a woman that has a restaurant at Olowu Ikeja saw me and employed me to work in her hotel around Nahco, that was where I made little money, and I rented an apartment and went back to my studies, I started WAEC tutorials and further my studies.

How did you reconnect with your mum?

Based on social media I was able to locate a lady with my mother’s surname, so I asked her if she knows Stella my mum; it was just last year I am talking about, the lady said yes and she gave me my mother’s number so when I called my mother, she shouted, because they all thought I was dead, so I told her to come to Lagos, I never knew she was sick so that was how I and my mum reunited.

What’s the nature of her ailment?

It is kidney related problem.

IMG 20230210 WA0003

What about your dad?

I don’t know him; I am a love child.

Your mum was supposed to know or have a little info about him.

She does not, she was very young then when my father mate with her while she was living in Surulere, after my father copulated with her he travelled out of the country and that was the last time she saw him or hear anything from him, he did not even know that he has a child, but he is from Akwa Ibom, back then it wasn’t social media era just as it is now.

While under the bridge did you experience any attack?

There are Ghanaians that sell Pufpuf so when it is late they spread wrappers and everybody sleeps till morning, sometimes they buy me clothes they took me like their younger sister.

The bad experience I had was when, I was coming back from the airport the Okada rider, took me to the Opebi link bridge parked around there and started to drag me inside the bush, so I started shouting.

God was kind to me a mallam heard my voice and came with Dagger, so the Okada rider left me, and took his bike and went away. It was a bit dark around 8 pm.


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