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(Video) Ajetunmobi Yusuf Opeyemi…Nigerian World-Class Rapper Aiming To Top

…the day pistol was pointed on my forehead

Ajetunmobi Yusuf Opeyemi, otherwise known as the rap minister has a quite number of synthesizing lyrics, a visit to his Instagram page (@the_rapminister) revealed the fecundity of the Ogun State-born rapper.

Yusuf, a fantastic music artist that is considered to be a blessing to his homestead and Nigeria at large is paternally from Ogun State Ijebu-Ode to be precise and maternally from Oyo State, he is a graduate of Economic Geography from Emmanuel Alayande College of Education, Oyo. Currently, he is running a degree course in Business Administration at the prestigious University of Lagos, (UNILAG).

Creek Dazzling 24

The handsome dude who has been dazzling his fans at home and abroad for the past 15 years is open to ambassadorship, with his upbringing and life pattern he is capable of stirring your brand to a vantage point, be it a bank, product or real estate, he is a top-notch forerunner.

The cool-headed Lagos-based fast-rising music star took a few questions from CREEKVIBES OLUWADAMILARE DANIELS. Excerpt;

What is the correlation between music and Economic Geography?

I have been doing music before I was admitted into the tertiary institution, I just did not want to sit at home, I needed to get into the school that year, and the available courses were Business Education and Economic Geography.

At what point did you discover your flare for rap music?

As a growing-up teenager, I had always loved music or anything that creates sounds for music.

Who were your fans when you were younger?

On my street, I have a little fan base before I got into school.

While growing up which of the musicians will you say oh, ‘I want to be like this’?

Then I use to like Akon and Drake, so when Dagrin came out I love his vibes, and his kind of music was appealing to me and many others.

I also like Wande Cole, and Vector the viper.

Who will you want a collaboration with?

Wande Cole, Vector the Viper, Reminisce, Simi and if I can have a collabo with Davido, it will be a great achievement, because I have so much love and respect for Davido not because of his music but because of the kind of person he is.

When did you do your first single?

That was in 2008.

So how many singles do you have to your credit?

As of 2015, I had about 50 singles.

So I just keep pushing because I have got no one to assist.

Which of your song is trending right now?

Deceitful World

How were your Cotonou and Togo tours?

It was a nice one, I headlined the show, and the interesting part of it was that the audience was very happy to see me as a foreigner, the way we do our thing is lovely; they enjoyed my swags.

What was it like getting your parent’s support?

I had always wanted to be someone that supports people; like being a lecturer or a teacher that will always support and influence people positively, that was why I picked up the NCE programme, aside from doing my music stuff. My parents did not want me to do songs; they thought I was going to become a hooligan, not until 2013, when I was interviewed by Olumide Awolowo on OGtv, it was a cool one, I represented my area and school very well, and guess what? The news filtered into my neighbourhood, my parents heard about it they were awed, and they said, ‘since you have been doing your music we have not seen you doing something wrong’ at that point I got their blessings.

Can you tell us a little about your escapades while in school?

My fan base started from my campus, Iseyin, and Oke Ogun, I had about four awards while on campus.

While in school have you encountered a death threat?

Yeah, almost when I was about to round up my programme, I was invited to a show and at that show, my fans did not want me to do normal songs, they prefer me to rap and also do my freestyle, fortunately, I was also called to MC the event, so there was a rowdy session within the crowd since I had the microphone, I said, ‘ema da ibiru o’ as in ‘the event should not be scattered’ it was a plea for peace.

The show was held at Lanlate, so I had a room for me and my guys, we chilled there for a while, after the event we had to go back to our campus, on our way back, I felt some guys trailing us before we could double our pace they double-crossed us and took us into a nearby bush, bro it was terrible we were dealt with, so I started to plead for them to allow us to go. One of them said, ‘we know you to be a very quiet boy; we love you but we don’t trust you, you may be a bad boy.’

That was the first time I saw a gun, it was put on my forehead, it wasn’t funny.

Then we have a lot of bad guys, but I always tell them if they love me and want to be my fan, they should not induge in nefarious activities. I observe my solas regularly while on campus, because I believe if you are street smart, you must be God-smart.

At that point, when the gun nozzle was pointing on your forehead, did you feel like your life was going to an end?

Smiles, the way your parents taught you, and the lifestyle you have chosen will shappen you to be the kind of person you are; everything about me is about God. The level of your fate determines what happens around you if you believe something will kill you, it will, I know that I am not going to die young besides, if you do not do evil, evil will not come your way.

Have you encountered a lady friend wanting to pay you in kind instead of cash after your performance?

I have been to shows in several places like; Ikorodu, and Sango. There is one I encountered in Oyo School of Survey, I met a lady , and we both exchanged numbers several days later, she called me to inform me of her birthday and that I will be performing for her, I obliged, so long she will pay me, meanwhile, there was no birthday she only wants my presence, so when we got there she opened up, I was entertained but refused to go deep down with her because I don’t indulge in such activities.

My believe is, I don’t have any essence on earth than to fulfil the Word of God, and in so many ways I can fulfil the Word.

What will you want the World to know about you?

I am that fresh thing that wants to preach love, I want to be where there is peace and unity, the world has turned abnormal things to normal in the site of humans, and they should allow the messages in music lyrics to have a good impact on them.


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