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Dangote lists benefits of his refinery on Nigerian economy…expect jobs soon


Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, has spoken out about the positive impact of his new oil refinery on Nigeria’s economy.

Dangote, the founder of Dangote Group, was interviewed by the Economist Magazine’s ‘The World Ahead 2023’, where he discussed the potential of the refinery that is set to be commissioned on May 22, 2023.

The Dangote Oil Refinery, which is located in the Lekki Free Trade Zone in Lagos, is one of the largest oil refineries in the world, with the capacity to refine up to 650,000 barrels of crude oil per day.

According to Dangote, the refinery will reduce Nigeria’s dependence on imported fuel and save the country billions of dollars in foreign exchange.

In the interview, Dangote emphasized the economic benefits of the refinery, stating that it will create thousands of jobs and stimulate economic growth in the region.

He also highlighted the impact on Nigeria’s petrochemical industry, as the refinery will produce essential components for the manufacturing of plastics.

“The refinery will create a lot of jobs. When you look at the entire value chain, from the upstream to the downstream, we’re talking about almost a million jobs,” Dangote said.

“We are also producing polypropylene and polyethylene, which are essential components in the manufacturing of plastics. So we will be supplying to the petrochemical industry in Nigeria.”

The news of the launch of the Dangote Oil Refinery in Nigeria has generated mixed reactions from people across the country.

While some have expressed optimism about the potential economic benefits of the refinery, others have raised concerns about the impact it may have on the environment and the country’s existing oil industry.

In a comment made to the media, a spokesperson for the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) praised the refinery as a welcome development for the country.

“The Dangote Oil Refinery will not only create thousands of jobs for Nigerians, but it will also help to reduce the country’s reliance on imported fuel, which will save the government a significant amount of money,” he said.

Similarly, a business owner in Lagos expressed his excitement about the launch of the refinery.

“This is a game-changer for Nigeria,” he said. “The Dangote Oil Refinery will help to boost local production and create opportunities for Nigerian businesses to grow and expand.”

However, some environmental activists have raised concerns about the impact the refinery may have on the environment.

“The Dangote Oil Refinery is a massive project that will consume a lot of natural resources and produce a significant amount of waste,” said one activist.

“We need to ensure that the environmental impact of the refinery is properly managed to avoid any negative consequences for the local communities and the wider environment.”

Meanwhile, some critics have expressed concern that the Dangote Oil Refinery may undermine Nigeria’s existing oil industry, which has already been struggling in recent years.

“The launch of the Dangote Oil Refinery may put additional pressure on the country’s existing oil industry, which is already facing significant challenges,” said one analyst.”

“We need to ensure that the benefits of the new refinery are balanced against any negative consequences it may have for the country’s economy and energy sector.”

Despite these concerns, many Nigerians remain optimistic about the potential benefits of the Dangote Oil Refinery.

As the refinery prepares to launch later this year, it remains to be seen how it will impact the country’s economy and energy sector in the years to come.