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Celebrity chef Hilda Baci, defends mode of dressing after critics slam seductive dress

Hilda Baci Waist

Chef Hilda Baci, who recently went for the Guinness Book Record holder for longest cooking hours by an individual has defended her mode of dressing after her critics slammed her seductive pictures on social media.

While addressing the media in Lagos on Monday, she appealed to Nigerians to focus on her ingenuity and determination in putting Nigeria on the global stage, rather than criticizing her fashion choices.

Hilda said, “I don’t have to be dressed like a nun to make it in life. One can be sexy and still be amazing, beautiful, and smart. I shouldn’t be taken back because of my looks or dressing as this does not determine my values or endowment.”

“I’ve volunteered myself to say I slay and I have something up in the brain.”

She also pleaded with society to allow young women express themselves without judgment, asserting that she is confident in her skills and intellect. She emphasized, “I’ve volunteered myself to say I slay and I have something up in the brain.”

The celebrity chef was reacting to the comments by a Nigerian pastor, Joshua Agunbiade who berated her dressing after she rose to fame for her remarkable 100-hour cooking challenge.

The pastor claimed that one can easily know a “demon girl” when she dresses like a harlot.

He also added during a sermon that no matter the record she breaks, people will always know she is selling other things aside from food.