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(Don Brymo) 1966-2023: Whatever that will push me out of the grace of God, I can do without it

Don Brymon 1966 2023

  Famous Nollywood actor, the late Don Brymo Uchegbu popularly known as Don Brymo a television personality who pairs mostly with Pete Edochie, Zubby Michael, Ken Erics, Yul Edochie, Ngozi Ezeonu, Chika Ike, Ini Edo, Tonto Dikeh and other top Nollywood celebrities on epic movies in the Igbo and English speaking arm of the Nigeria Movie Industry.

He was born 57 years ago in Anambra State, South Eastern Nigeria. He has a good sense of role interpretation which makes him a movie producer and director’s favourite. He is currently one of the most sorted actors in the industry.

It may shock you to know that Don Brymo who acts mostly as a king, business tycoon and father in Nollywood movies is also a musician, a happily married man with beautiful daughters and handsome sons.

Due to his various gangster roles in movies, viewers may have a wrong perception of his personality; he is a devoted Christian who does not joke with God’s direction upon his life.

Since he joined the Nigeria Movie Industry twenty years ago he has featured in several Nollywood blockbuster and have won laurels which include Best Actor in a Leading Role at the City People Entertainment Awards, Most Promising Act to Watch at the Best of Nollywood Awards, Most Prominent Actor in Nigeria at the Africa Movie Academy Awards, Best Supporting Actor at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards and the Award of Excellence by the Actors Guild of Nigeria.

OLUWADAMILARE DANIELS presents excerpts from an interview conducted with ‘The Don’ in 2021 with one of the finest actors in the Nollywood movie industry.

What are you currently working on that will fascinate your teaming viewers?

I am versatile which my fans don’t understand, I do a lot of music even before my involvement in the movie industry, music has always been the in thing for me, a lot of my fans know me with “Ifenji bia uwa,” this time I am coming out straight with a complete album for my fans and will be followed by 5 track music videos in a couple of months.

The majority of your fans never knew you are into music, they thought you only act.

I thank God for the gift of God upon my life; I am a writer, singer, actor, producer and director.

There is a general notion that Don Brymo is worth $600,000, do you agree with that?

Laughter, I accept that when I see my vision and see who I am and all that but it is my pocket, ‘he no dey there.’

What are the 3 things you can’t do without?

The three things I can’t do without?Number one, the source of my power Jesus Christ, number two whatever will push me out of the grace of God upon my life, I can do without it, number three my source of good health.

Who is your favourite music artist?

You may not know that my second son, Ifeanyi is a talented musician, he is in his early twenties, and he will be hitting the speakers soon, most time I relax my nerves with his music.

Are you going to produce his music videos?

Easy-K, my son is also a producer, sometimes I do appear in his music video, apart from him, I like listening to Flavour Ijele too.

Do you know why I like Flavour? He is a full musician if you want him in Gospel he will give it to you, if you want him in Hi-life, you will get it from him, and the flexibility in him is huge.

I used to be a favourite fan of Psquare before they broke up, they messed up by going their separate ways, and they are now like up comers.

As a producer, which five actors or actresses will you consider to be on the set of your next movie?

Let me hint to you, I am a scriptwriter, so I will always need a particular actor or actress to interpret the character I’ve written.

The kind of roles you interpret in movies at times are scary, what can you tell your fans about them?

Laughs, let me tell you about Don Brymo, when you come close to me, you will know how deep my relationship is with God, I am also a Gospel music singer and I am not vulgar. I am rugged though, I grew up on the street, and I have passed through a lot of phases in my life. The gift of God upon my life has been my saving grace to have achieved all I have achieved; it is just by His grace.

What has marriage taught you?

I am blessed with a very wonderful and understanding wife, marriage has taught me a lot of things, there is a verse in the Holy Bible that says to think of others more than yourself; do to others what you want others to do to you, I am just privileged, some people are seeing it the other way round.

Thanks do have a great day.