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(Video) Relative open up on Yvonne Nelson…why we may ostracize her

Yvonne Nelson

A relative of Yvonne Nelson has shared the reason behind the family’s plan to ostracize the actress from their family.

Reports emerged on social media that the Ghanaian actress’s mother has been admitted to the hospital after her blood pressure rose sharply.

In an interview with an alleged family member of Yvonne, it was revealed that the family is considering ostracizing the actress for causing her mother’s illness.

The family member disclosed that they have been holding meetings to decide what to do, and that Yvonne will be ostracized for disgracing the family.

The family member also claimed that Yvonne will feel ashamed and may run away from the country when she eventually discovers who her father is.

The actress has been known to be vocal about her father’s absence from her life. It is unclear what caused Yvonne’s mother’s illness or when she will be discharged from the hospital.

Yvonne Nelson, a popular Ghanaian actress, model, and film producer started making headlines recently with her new book titled ‘I am not Yvonne Nelson’.

The actress in the book detailed how her mother deceived her and made her believe that another man was her father until he lost his life and spoke the truth to her.

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