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France tells Niger military junta: Only legitimate govt can cut ties with us

The French foreign ministry has reacted to the report of the military junta in the Niger Republic cutting ties with it and other countries. 

France stated that the junta’s decision to scrap bilateral military pacts is invalid as only a “legitimate” leadership can do that. AFP reported that France’s foreign ministry said; “the legal framework of France’s defence agreement with Niger is based on accords that were signed with the legitimate Nigerien authorities.”

Also, Niger’s ambassador to France has insisted that her position can’t be revoked unless detained President Mohamed Bazoum who gave her the appointment. 

Aichatou Boulama Kane who was appointed as ambassador to France in June 2022, said she rejected the order by the coup leaders to end her mandate as well as that of ambassadors to Nigeria, Togo and the United States.

“I am still the ambassador of legitimate President Mohamed Bazoum and I consider myself as such. The decision was taken by illegitimate authorities. I am the ambassador of Niger in France.” she said in a telephone interview with AFP.