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Lady shuts her door

Continued from last edition…

The entire household of Agbaka comprising of four wives, 11 children was engulfed in deep sorrow mourning the death of the head of their family. Lady being the youngest wife cried uncontrollably then her second child was just a two-year-old baby.
About 11 a.m. arrangements was ongoing to bury the remains of Pa Agbaka, by the river place called ‘Due dibi bou’ Cemetery, in Rivers State. Neighbours, brought musical equipments and started setting up a funeral dancing stage for the funeral of a great hero, and all you could hear is the sound of a native song urging the dead body to come back to life which was a mare wishful thinking and hopelessness.
Agbaka’s funeral continued through the night with plenty of food, cultural dancing and sharing of palm wine including our locally brewed gin popularly known as ‘Ogogoro’.
Family members from far and near trouped in to the compound to pay their last respect to one of the most successful fisherman in the village. Pa Agbaka’s exploit brought fame and honour to the village and was given a chieftaincy tittle when he was alive befitting a great man.
Before dawn villagers began to retire to their various homes sorrowfully after the burial. Three local bomb (Okrizi) was fired to signify that a brave man has just been buried.
After the befitting burial, the time came to share all Agbaka’s properties three days after the interment, family members gathered in Agbaka’s living room to share his clothes and shoes etc.
The family elders allotted wives to one another as if they were pieces of plots of land since they were also part of what the deceased left behind. Lady barely above 30 years, was allotted to Okiopo another elderly man of about 65 years of age. She was not happy but kept silent, without her approval because it is a tradition from the ancient time which she cannot question.
Few days later Okiopo brought food items and cash in order to show Lady some affection, she collected them looking at him scornfully from head to toe. He left and returned in the night apparently hoping to pass the night in lady’s apartment.
Few hours into the night, Okiopo tried to penetrate Lady’s honey pot but she shut it jealously. He tried again and again to no avail he kept grumbling, she groaned…hissing like a snake from hell.

To be continued in next edition…watch out!

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