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MMS Plus: Articulating Next Level For Maritime Growth

By Isaac Orieka and Alphonsus Effi

Kings communications, publishers of Money Management Series (MMS PLUS), scored another fist by organising the second leadership lecture held at the Golden Gate Restaurant in Lagos, featuring highly rated dignitaries in the industry, such as Barrister Temi Omatseye, former President, Africa ship owners Association, the guest speaker, Mrs. Mfon Usoro, Secretary-General, Abuja (MOU), the chief guest Mr. Godwin Obaseki, Executive Governor of Edo State. And Chief Executive Officers CEOs and Mrs. Mary Hamman President Women Trading Ship Association Including all modes of Transport Parastatals and Institutions. The Accident Investigation Bureau, (AIB) was also rewarded with an award for Outstanding Performance For The Year 2018.

The moderators spoke eloquently at the lecture in a drive to reposition the Maritime sector with a REAL FORCE with the interest of the shipping companies and other stakeholders and port operators in Nigeria. The lecture was titled with the theme: Leadership In A “Next Level”, Democracy Striking A Balance In Transport Sector.
This is an articulated topic to create awareness and pinpoint the defects of the Maritime industry. MMSPLUS is a Newspaper that has a wild coverage in MARITIME, AVIATION, OIL AND GAS, INCLUDING OTHER ALLIED SECTORS. Since the Media outfit started publication in September, 2010, comments from areas around the globe has been encouraging.
Their Vision is aimed at being the flagship of specialised journalism in Africa, with a mission of touching the lives of readers through conscious delivery of excellence. Their style is to deliver developmental, investigative and managerial journalism to promote the media industry in a way that the public will appreciate.

Mr. Kingsley Anaroke, a journalist of so many years of experience, and CEO of KINGS COMMUNICATIONS LTD, has changed situations for good with his publication of MMS PLUS, circulating and competing with other newspapers in the Maritime sector. The publishing company has evolved and introduced other products of value set to enhance and benefit other sectors of coverage. Therefore, the publishing outfit, has demonstrated unlimited performance, such as the kings leadership lecture and awards designed to foster credibility, measurable leadership, within the public sector in Nigeria.

So MMS has introduced a quarterly Transport Agencies’ Performance Rating, for any agency that tops the assessment chart within four quarters of the year will emerge as the best performing agency. The leadership transport series came as a result of deepening and fostering corporate quality leadership among office holders for effective management.
MMS Plus Transport Performance Rating
The key rating criteria is to balance the agency mandates, performance indicators, administrative innovation and purpose of the management. The motive and purpose of the MMS transport agencies performance rating is to galvanise the industry, moving it from poor leadership, with professionals running the ministries and government agencies, by assessing and measuring the performance indices.
However, the lecture series seeks to address the leadership context, with a transformational leadership approach aimed at building good character and leadership qualities to enhance positive agency management. “We recognize that the transport and maritime sector is suffering from the consequences of vision, derailment, looting of funds, human and material resources and underutilisation of the necessary infrastructure to develop the sector.
Therefore MMS, is poised to create a performance enhancement and reward system that could bring out the best in the leadership of the transport agencies in Nigeria in order to curb misappropriation of funds and to clear cases of outright nonperformance and outright statutory duties.
Comments on The Next Level Lecture by Experts in The Maritime Industry
The second transport leadership lecture by kings communications is to strike a positive balance in the transport sector. This total and encompassing lecture started on time anchored under distinguished guests mentioned earlier. The seminar started with a welcome addressed by Mr. Kingsley Anaroke, the CEO of Kings Communications Limited, who turns out to be a Chief host of the occasion. This was followed by the chairman’s speech Barr. Temi Omatseye, declaring the symposium opened officially. The Guest speaker Mrs. Mfon Usoro, started her key lecture on the premise that she would not delve into the political aspect of the lecture because she is an international figure representing 12 regional maritime countries in the world and beyond.
For her, Nigeria should provide an enabling free technical analysis based on broad infrastructural perspective relating to the content of Nigeria’s economy as it affects the maritime sector for growth and positive development. She enthused, that leadership in the “Next Level” started by louding the negative emotions in the industry, thereby acting as a catalyst to promote positive effort in the industry on the long run. According to her, Africa being a coastal continent should be very effective in the maritime industry like her foreign counterparts namely, China, Singapore, New York City, among others she also questioned the effectiveness of African country in the I.M.O convention/regulations Vis-à-vis how African nations structure their financial systems to support the maritime sector, culminating in the development of maritime technology, shipyard advancement, marine supply chain ICT index and lots more.
She advised that African countries should synergize among themselves in the maritime sector in order to develop and “meet-up” with international best practices.
Executive secretary of shipper’s council, Barrister Hassan Bello Echoed that the “Next Level” arrangement must have some bright side, aside the grey sides mostly emphasise by critics. Hence, he posited that there are positive efforts in the industry to become great since the transport sectors is the pivot of the economy and is formidable enough to rejuvenate opportunities by the currency truce by African countries to form the African continental free trade agreement involving 54 countries in Africa. He claimed that Nigeria should exploit the association. The further enthused, that Nigeria is already a hub, but leadership structure should be well exploited for the economy to get to her apogee. For him, shipper’s council is already beginning to bridge the gap by connecting the cargos from Lagos port to Kaduna dry port via by train service likewise the creation of the Ibadan dry port in August, 2019. The chaos at Apapa is reducing gradually, with chart medium and long term solutions being co-ordinated even with the Lagos state government to reduce, if not eradicate the gridlocks. On the large part, he advised for the synergy among the various transport sectors to enhance smooth and fast development of the sector in the economy.
President of crawlers association Mrs. Margret and a prominent stakeholder in the industry Princess reiterated that the federal government has a major role to develop the sector to enviable height, like their foreign counterparts in order for the economy to improve drastically. They echoed the neglect of the maritime sector which is supposed to be the bedrock of Nigeria’s economy in this leadership structure of the “Next Level”.
According to them, stakeholder have endured more than enough in the Nigerian economic threshold of maritime to still be operating below standard.
Hence government should redouble efforts to bring the Nigerian ports operationally, technically, economically to her pride of place to enable growth in the sector and the nation at large.
Mr. Paul Ndibe of the chartered institute of transport talked about the MISSING GAP, the rule of engagement, to enable the identification of building blocks in the transport sector generally will go a long way in advancing efforts in developing the sector of well exploited.
In all, the symposium was extremely success full and pruned the caliber of interest in both the public and private sector in developing the transport system of Nigeria to international best practice.
The ACCIDENT INVESTIGATION BUREAU (AIB) was rated as the purposeful agency in the Nigerian transport sector in 2018. Just as it operated under the CIVIL AVIATION DEPARTMENT (CAD), of the former federal Ministry of Aviation which was performing dual function of Air worthiness, certification, and the investigation of aircraft accidents.
The Federal Civil Aviation Authority (FCAA), was created from the Former Ministry of Aviation, while the FCAA took over the functions of CAD. The accident department still remained in the ministry the accident department later became accident investigation and prevention section. The AIB began operations on April, 2007 as an autonomous agency due to series of the federal government reforms in the aviation sector.
The Civil Aviation Act of 2006, section 29, established the investigation Bureau as a corporate entity an autonomous agency reporting to the president through the minister in charge of aviation.
The MMS Seminar is an eye opener to the problems hampering the development and growth of the maritime and transport sectors. Therefore, there is a need for a wholesome infrastructural package by government and individual operators to leverage the advantages of the seaports in Nigeria.